Covina High School Reunion

When my friends and I graduated from high school, we were so full of spirit and stuff we couldn’t wait til the reunion. When it was time to decide to go to the reunion this year, I initially decided not to go. It’s 350 miles away in Southern California!

Eventually, I became convinced to go… recommendations by someone who went to his, plus the invitation card had a photo of our whole class. It was like, how can I say no to that. Plus, my family and dentist are down there, so I can make it a 3-for-1 trip. I just had to rearrange my visting schedule, since I tend to go home in July and October. I had to make it a September visit instead.
I thought that everybody would change after all these years. When I got there, I was shocked that some people looked exactly the same. There was one friend I didn’t recognize until after she left and I asked a friend next to me who she was. I felt so bad. :(

It was great to see high school buddies. Reminiscing, catching up, finding juicy gossip, recalling old dramas.

Although it cost $80, it was worth it. I’m so glad I went.

Now I can eat dessert again. :D But I know I shouldn’t. It felt nice to eat more healthy. So I won’t deprive myself so much now but I will try not to overindulge again.

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