Added new themes for blog and gallery

I installed Theme Switcher plugin for WordPress, making it possible to change the WordPress theme by clicking the option in the sidebar.

To complement the availability of switching WP themes in my blog, I added corresponding Coppermine themes designed to match WP themes. There was no existing Coppermine theme for my WordPress theme, Ocadia, so I worked on it for much of the day. I’m on vacation. :)

I tweaked the code of the blog and gallery themes so that when switching between the two applications, the theme would be preserved.

4 thoughts on “Added new themes for blog and gallery”

  1. Thu-Dark coppermine theme is sweet. I love the magnifying glass which enlarges on the fly. It really makes a huge difference in the look and feel of the images, and you can even enlarge 2 at the same time.

    2 quick questions. 1. Do you use GD2 or ImageMagick ?
    2. Is thu-dark theme available to anyone ?


  2. 1. I use GD2.

    2. thu-dark was something I came up with based on project_vii. It’s not available to the public because I’d like to preserve some uniqueness to my site. :)

    As for the magnifying glass, that is achieved with highslide js. You can search the coppermine forums for a plugin that another developer did to achieve the same effect.

    Thanks for the compliments.

  3. thanks for the incredibly fast response! the more I play with highslide the more I love it. So far it looks like thu-dark is the only template/theme to use that feature ? actually, besides thu-dark, my favorite theme so far is hardwired. I’m gonna try and play with this theme – a couple of mods I would like to implement would be larger thumbnails for both the albums and pics in the album page. Also I would like to increase the number of thumbnails that display, to like 100. I’m not sure if these are options already available, but I can’t wait to install this!

    Another quick question if you don’t mind – is it possible to seemlessly integrate the userbase of an existing phpbb site into coppermine so all users do not have to re-register on the coppermine page ? mysql I’m thinking…

    Best, Mike

  4. Since thu_dark is my custom and default theme, it has the highslide feature. I didn’t want to go into each of the other themes and modify them… which would complicate upgrades.

    Yes, it’s possible to use phpBB’s user info. It’s called bridging. There are more details in the Coppermine manual but it should be fairly simple to implement. I bridged my gallery with SMF.

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