Links to Delicious, Digg, Technorati

I’ve added new buttons/links to each post thanks to a tutorial on how to add Delicious, Digg, Technorati, and Slashdot into your blog/site. I decided to leave out the Slashdot button since I don’t think I’ll write anything worthy of getting /.’d, if that makes sense. :) Not that I think my blog posts will actually be submitted to the remaining sites, either, but I thought it would look cool since all the other bloggers are doing it!

To avoid clutter on pages where there are multiple blog entries, the buttons only show up in the single-post view.

I modified the code to suit my skin and to add the title attribute to the links to match the permalink. I tried to share my code modification here but WordPress parsed the code instead of just displaying it. :P

In the blog post I linked to, someone left a comment about the double-quotes. I had the same problem. So make sure to change the double-quotes in his post to straight quotes or else the code won’t work. Hmm… maybe he purposely changed the quotes so that WordPress wouldn’t parse the code as I mentioned earlier.