Crocodile Hunter killed by Stingray

Stingray Pierced and killed Steve Irwin

While watching a tivo’d Grey’s Anatomy, I saw the commercial for the 11 o’clock news saying that Steve Irwin died. I couldn’t believe it so I had to rewind to make sure I wasn’t hearing things. Unfortunately, I was watching the show way past 11 so I missed the tv news. Fortunately, the internet isn’t on a schedule and I was able to look up more information.

This is just so sad. How could someone so full of life and who lived life to the fullest no longer be alive? The shock and disbelief I felt was like the moment I heard Princess Diana died.

It’s too bad that people like Steve Irwin aren’t truly appreciated until they pass away. Among the touching comments I read and learned about him was he taught people to love (or at least not want to hate and kill) the unloved animals. It reminded me of the amazing humanitarians who helped the unloved and forgotten people.

This is a huge blow to the animal kingdom, which benefited from his love and conservation efforts. It’s also a loss to mankind, which was learning about these animals through him. Hopefully his passing will mark the increased recognition of the importance and value of conservation, rather than its decline.

Condolences to his family, who suffered the greatest loss.

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