Customize Gmail with Greasemonkey scripts

Here are some Greasemonkey scripts that greatly increase the functionality of Gmail: by making more keyboard shortcuts available.

My favorite is the Macro one. One of the things I like about Gmail is being able to use the keyboard for a lot of the navigation. One of my pet peeves with regular gmail was having to click on the labels to open them. With the script, I could navigate to the labels just like I could navigate to Inbox or any of the built-in folders. It also adds a keyboard shortcut to mark messages as read without actually having to open them (especially since sometimes, the entire message could be read from the snippet preview). I commented out the ‘p’ for purge shortcut because I found it interfered with ‘p’ for previous.

Another useful one is Label Colors. For example, I label emails that I need to act on with a red label “To Do”.

You can also get the scripts to work with Gmail for Your Domain. In the Greasemonkey console (Tools/Manage User Scripts), add the following to Included Pages:*



I figured out how to assign a different letter to the function that was using ‘p’. If you’re interested in using the function without conflicting with Previous, check out my modification of the script where I use ‘i’ instead. The file in Windows is in C:\Documents and Settings\{windows username}\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\{gibberish}.default\gm_scripts\gmail-macros.user.js.

69: [ARCHIVE], // E: always archivE (Y’s context-dependent behavior is annoying)
73: [MARK_AS_READ, ARCHIVE], // I: Ignore/quIck read then archIve (mark as read, archive)
82: [MARK_AS_READ], // R: mark as Read
84: [MOVE_TO_TRASH] // T: move to Trash

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