Boomerang Collar Tags

I recently got my order of collar tags for my cats from Boomerang Tags. They are just as the site described. Strong and attractive with easy to read engraved text. They paid for shipping and taxes, and offered discounts for ordering multiple tags. I got my sister in on the order so I got the 3-tag discount of 10%. :)

I found the site while searching for tags for my cats. It was the first time I ordered from a “small business” that advertised with Google Adwords. It was a great experience. The site had a lot of useful information so that shoppers could make informed decisions. They also showed genuine care for our pets.

I like the look of the collar tag as opposed to the traditional hanging tag. It looks much neater. My cats used to have two tags provided by the shelter: the shelter phone number in case they were lost, and the microchip ID with phone number. I decided I would prefer to get the call if anyone found my cats. With the collar tag, I had these 4 lines:

{cat’s name}
{my number}
{microchip service number}
{microchip ID number}

My cats are indoor only cats that used to be collarless. One day, one of my cats managed to push out the window screen and I saw him outside, a few feet from the window. After that experience, I immediately put his collar on him with the old tags. I decided that I needed to get new tags that would have my phone number.

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