Current Favorite Song: Chasing Cars

My favorite song currently is Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. It’s a slow love song…not usually my type of music. I’ve been listening to this song so many times, I hope I don’t get sick of it. I first heard it on Yahoo Music Video online but I didn’t listen closely… I just thought the melody was cool. Today, I looked up the lyrics and wow, it’s so beautiful. I found the lyrics here.

My favorite verse in the song is probably the most powerful of any song I’ve heard:

Those three words
Are said too much
They’re not enough

Without using the word, he expresses a love so strong that the word isn’t even good enough to describe how he feels. Wow! That’s the kind of love I want to feel. If I ever get married, I’ll want to play this song during the dance. I would have to wear tear-proof makeup because I cry even now while listening to it. It’s a mixture of happy and sad tears. It’s just so beautiful what he’s singing about that it moves me to tears. It also saddens me when I think I don’t have someone to share the song with. :cry:

It also turns out the song was played during the season finale of one of my favorite shows, Grey’s Anatomy. There are two versions of the music video. The second version includes clips from Grey’s Anatomy so I’m posting the link to that one below.
“Chasing Cars (Grey`s Anatomy Cut)” Music Video

Ironically, my previous favorite song was Hate Me by Blue October. It’s kind of the opposite of this song. See for yourself with the lyrics. I have diverse tastes. :) He sings it with a lot of passion.

“Hate Me” Music Video

Hmm… in researching the song, I just learned that it’s about his mother. All this time I thought it was about an ex-lover. I listen to Yahoo music video at work but don’t/can’t pay too much attention to the videos. I’m writing my blog at home and watching the video closely for the first time. It’s amazing how the song could be about one’s mother or ex-lover.

One thought on “Current Favorite Song: Chasing Cars”

  1. Funny – the morning after I read this post, I saw the “Chasing Cars” video on VH1. I’ve heard it on the radio already, but it was nice to finally get a visual feel as well. The song is simple and hypnotic, slowly building intensity until its peak.

    Kinda got it stuck in my head today.

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