Cat Loves to Eat Plastic Bags

One of my cats, Mr. Knightley, loves to eat plastic bags. I can tell he eats them and does not just play with them because the bags are missing handles. A friend of mine put it something like this, referring to my cat: “He will not rest until all the plastic bags in the world are rid of handles.” Or something like that. It was hilarious when he said it.

My other cat doesn’t eat plastic bags, it seems. Today, Mr Knightley was at it again. So I used Google to see if anyone else had cats that ate plastic bags. And there were a lot of people who have cats that actually eat plastic bags. After reading the various posts about the consequences, I am not going to leave plastic bags out anymore.

One person reported seeing blood when the cat defecated after eating plastic. I have seen pieces of plastic bags in my cat’s poop but I never thought it would get that bad. Others pointed out that the cat could get serious blockage, necessitating serious treatment. One person guessed that the cause of her cat’s cancer was from ingesting plastic bags. That is a limited dataset, but it makes sense when we think about what goes into plastic bags.

So I am now taking seriously what I thought was a quirk. If you read this and have a cat that does the same, I hope you do, too. You don’t have to take my word for it. :)

Update 2007-06-25: I’ve found that spraying Grannick’s Bitter Apple on the plastic bags I use to line my waste basket and shredder is very effective at preventing my cat from eating the plastic. Unfortunately, it doesn’t scale for me to spray every single plastic bag in my apartment, like the grocery bags I used to store for re-use. I had bought one of those plastic things to hold plastic bags (before I got my cats) and now I can’t use it anymore.

Update 2008-06-09: Here’s an article Mary Anne wrote and shared in the comments below: Cats and Plastic Bags.

Since I first wrote the post, I have made an effort to reduce the number of plastic bags that I bring into my home. I use reusable grocery bags, and when possible, decline bags at retail stores if I only have one or two items. This is better for my cat’s safety and for the environment. There’s a movement in SF to charge for plastic bags due to the environmental and economic costs so it’s good to get into the habit of reducing our dependence on them. Safeway gives a bag credit for using reusable bags and Ikea charges for plastic bags. Costco doesn’t even provide bags and it is doing quite well.

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  1. My cat also loves to eat plastic bag handles! I started hiding them in the closet, but when I come home with groceries she goes fairly mad trying to go on another eating frenzy. I hide them as quickly as I can. Did any of your searches give any possible reasons? One mentioned that she really wants grass (the legal kind:-) so I’m thinking of planting kitty grass. Have you tried anything like that?

  2. Hey, thanks for that tip! I haven’t heard of the grass thing but I did some search on it. It seems maybe the cat wants to eat plastic in lieu of grass because it wants to vomit hairballs. I haven’t seen any hairballs so I got lazy and brushed my cats less frequently. So now I’m going to brush them daily in the morning like I used to.

    I also hide my plastic bags in the closet. It seemed to be the safest place because they can access anything else. But it’s one of those sliding door closet so my plastic-obsessed cat can slide open the closet door. Finally, I put something heavy in front of the door to make it harder for him to get in. He managed to get through a few times but it’s much harder for him now.

    Hopefully the brushing works. Thanks for visiting and for the tip.

  3. My kitten just ate a piece of a bag – so it was helpful to read your posts. We have the bags in a cabinet under the sink. She’s a polydactyl cat and has shown some talent at opening doors and drawers so we bought some baby locks. You might try those, as they keep out kitten out of the cabinets – maybe it would help keep your cats from the bags.

  4. My cat, also, likes to eat plastic bags. I thought I had safely removed all bags out of her reach but to my amazement, she managed to find a bag without me knowing. She ended up needing surgery after the bag created a blockage in her bowels. She is doing well now but seems to be even more obsessed with finding plastic; she now will stand in front of the cabinet where I keep all plastic bags and just meows and meows. I’m wondering if some of this odd behavior stems from boredom or depression and if another feline companion would help?
    I urge everyone who has a cat with this problem to be meticulous about keeping plastic bags out of reach as this was almost fatal for my fury friend.

    1. @Lisa

      Now I am convinced that in one way or another that our feline friends have an intelligent mind of their own, secondary of course to dolphins and dogs. If your cats behaves like that, having obsession to eat plastic bags, I would just keep those plastic bags in the car trunk. Let’s see how he’s gonna deal with that.

  5. Hello, My cat Luna likes to eat plastic but not the grocery bags. It started when I gave her one of those fur covered mice play toys because she loves to fetch. I started to notice that she chewed off the fur then it was the fur and part of the plastic. She was heart broken as I no longer bought those for her. We just recently moved and I noticed she was trying to eat the plastic packaging tape off the boxes we were getting ready for the move. So now I am wondering if it’s the plastic or actually the glue… I actually didn’t think I would find your blog regarding this subject- the internet is Great isn’t it? Thanks! Holly and Luna
    P.S. Luna is going to the vet today because she has had a bad case of diarreha…Perhaps for the same reason as one of the messages I read above.

  6. My cat Pistol loves plastic bags I,ve been so worried, but now that I
    know theirs other cats like her , I feel alittle better.
    I,m so thankful that theres a place to go and Get some ideas on
    things I can do.
    I,ll be checking in to see if there,s anything new.
    Sandy from Flintstone Ga.

  7. I have two, had two cats. Unfortunately my 2nd cat just passed away from kidney failure due to eating WalMart brand Special Kitty cat food. Yes, the cat food recal, menu foods) My other cat also suffered kidney failure but is doing much better. HE does eat plastic bags. From what we have always observed is that he eats small pieces and has always vomited them back out. I have also always wondered why he does it. I thought maybe it was an instinctive thing like dogs eating grass in order to make themselves vomit. I have NEVER seen it in his poop. Still not sure, and of course do everything to keep him from eating the bags.

  8. Hi Karen,

    I just read that news article on the recall today. I was thinking how awful it would be to lose a pet in that way. I am so terribly sorry for your loss. I am glad that one of your cats is doing better. I hope the best for you and your cat.

    I got cat grass for my cats to eat but that experiment failed miserably. They would eat it, so that wasn’t the problem. But the container was so light that they easily knocked the grass and dirt out of the container. Then when I put the plant on the window sill so it would get sunlight, it got knocked off the sill.

  9. My cat Max is very sick tonight because he’s eating to much plastic from plastic bags.
    He needs some grass because he’s an indoor cat, and will not go outside. He is very skitish and timid around new surroundings; I will take him to the vet tommorow to see if he has any internal damage but I’m aware now that he only does it when no one is around.

  10. My cat loves plastic it doesn’t matter what kind. I know he has eaten it too. I do get worried because his stomach is kind of hard and has been for over a year now but i am not sure if that is why or if its because he is fat? I can’t afford to take him to the vet but hopefully i can soon just to check. anyone had the same problem with the hard stomach?

  11. Hi Heather,

    I’m not sure how a hard stomach would feel like. I just took my cats to the vet for their annual exam and noticed the vet spent time to check the abdomen. Do you have a vet you could call to ask if the hard stomach is something that needs to be examined soon?

    I hope you can have your kitty checked soon and that he will be okay.

  12. My male cat eats plastic bags, too – of any kind.

    He usually just throws the plastic back up. I’m not sure whether he poops it out or not.

    I do worry that, because he has had two prior bladder blockages, that ingesting plastic may hurt him, so I do my best to keep plastic away from him as much as possible.

  13. I am in between moving so I let my parents babysit my cat for about 2 weeks while I got my new home ready. They were happy to do it and they love my cat, but I WARNED them to get rid of ALL plastic bags and white garbage bags in their home (he doesnt eat the green ones). They didn’t take me seriously. I called my dad today and to my horror he explained to me that my cat has stopped eating and hasn’t gone poop in about 2 days. Why??? Apparently he had gotten into their “stash” of plastic bags and ate ALOT of them. Im going to their home (which is 22 hours away) today to pick up my cat before he gets any sicker. My dad explained that he “seems to be doing better” but I cant tell you how scared I am. This is to everyone on this site…apparently plastic bags contain ANIMAL FAT that some cats love and is like crack to some cats. GET RID of your bags, its not worth the life of your cat.

  14. Wow, that’s so scary. I hope your cat will be okay, Bean!

    It makes sense that there is something in the bags because my cat doesn’t eat all plastic bags, like the tougher one from Express. If it is the case, could anything be done to convince bag manufacturers not to use cat-crack ingredients? Considering what has happened when companies put melanine into pet food, they should be more sensitive to chemicals that could harm our pets.

  15. I am currently working on an article about cats attraction to plastic bags. If anyone has any stories they would like to share with me about an episode regarding your cat and plastic, I would love to include it in my article. I have busted the myths that are out there that animal renderings are used in the making of the bags, and am currently waiting to hear from a chemist about what chemical is luring these cats into plastic bag behavior.

    1. To Mary Anne…
      My cat Boo is a fifteen pound male and he lives both indoors and outdoors, so I thought that he was getting all the nutrition he could want,including green grass and flowers…until Valentine’s Day when he consumed the sticky cellophane tape which was wrapped around the Ferrero chocolate candy balls in the clear heart package.I thought it was a one time occurrence, but he recently ate two shiny metallic wrappers off of the Fruit and Grain breakfast bars,too. He sniffed at them first, and even though I put them out of reach, he climbed up onto the top of the bookcase to get them! There is something to this and I wish there was an answer. Thank you for trying to figure this thing out.

  16. Hi Mary Anne,

    Thanks for trying to find out what’s going on with this plastic bag behavior. Do you have a deadline for when you need the stories? How would people contact you?

  17. Hi there!

    My American Shorthair has an obsession for packing tape – clear, and blue masking tape. To date she just would bite down in it a number of times.

    This morning, she took a blue donut tape (made to adhear something to the wall) and swallowed it whole without even chewing!

    She has access to grass outside.

    If it is the animal oil, it may point to self-medication for hairballs….hmmm -

    my cat does not to my knowledge have a hair ball problem
    or dietary imbalance….

    Thanks for your concern!

    Sakanta Running Wolf

  18. If this tape doesn’t make an appearance soon, I would get him to the vet pronto. they won’t be able to detect the plastic by x-ray but they can do a barium study to find out where it is in the cat’s system. As my article states, there are NO animal products that go into the making of the plastics. It is chemical attraction of some sort that no one has pinned down exactly what is attracting cats to plastic.

    I hope your kitty will be okay.

  19. My cat eats all types of plastic, even the shower curtain liner. I cannot stop her!…am getting worried but she seems to be okay. Is there a cure??? Thank you to anyone that can assist.

  20. Your cat really needs to go to the vet. The plastic can cause all kinds of problems inside the system of the kitty, especially in the case of toxic plastic (like shower liners typically made in China or Taiwan). The cat may appear to be okay but the damage may already be done. Urge you to take your cat in and get a chem panel done and talk to the vet about the cat’s fascination to plastics. Can you switch to another type of shower curtain liner?

  21. our cat eats all types of plastics she even attempted to eat a plastic palm tree. Eventually there was so much blockage that we had to get her surgery they found almost half a role of type writer tape. I’m not sure how to get her to stop eating plastic because she still attempts to any chance she gets. help?

  22. because of the high attraction rate of plastic with your cat, the only true way to get her to stop eating plastic is to rid your home of any plastic products. we even went to cloth shower liners because one of our cats was attracted to the plastic ones. no plastic plants, no shopping bags left out, plastic cellophane used around the tops of bottles all tossed or put away immediately.

  23. I too have a cat that’s obsessed with eating plastic bags..not all, but the grocery ones and the green garbage bags especially. I read somewhere that many of them are made from discarded resteraunt oils used for frying french fries makes sense that they would be attracted to the smell then. Or perhaps are missing some oils in their diets. Of my 8 cats only one eats plastic.

    It’s definitely not safe, so hide them if you can.

  24. My Dog, a little Yorkie, ate part of a plastic bag, grocery store one, that I had used as a liner for the bathroom garbage bin. The bathroom was full of diarreha and vomit. As soon as he ate some food it would aggrevate it and it seemed like there was a little bit of blood in his fur around the but. I hope it will clear up by morning or I’ll have to take him to the vet. But is it not weird that dogs eat plastic bags too.?

  25. B you should really take your dog to the vet now if at all possible. The plastic can cause toxic shock, obstruction and other types of problems. At the very least call your vet and let him know what happened. He will advise you as to what you can give your dog to help pass the plastic pieces- either mineral oil, canned pumpkin or something to help push through the pieces. Dogs have the same attraction to plastic as cats do.

  26. Thank you for your answer. It seems we were lucky. After I took his food away and only let him drink water he settled down,had a good night sleep and seemed himself again this morning. I gave him some food and he did not get sick. I will keep a close watch on any signs of obstruction. Thank you for the idea of canned pumkin. This site has been very helpful and I am glad I found it last night.

  27. Our cat is eating the plastic house plants (we don’t keep live ones because she was eating those). We missed the ‘greenery’ in the house so we switched to the plastic plants assuming she’d leave them alone (not the case). She’s an indoor cat (always has been). Does anyone know how to stop this behavior?

  28. Sorry to say but plastic plants pose the same danger as plastic bags as far as obstruction or toxic problems. It is difficult to put these plants out of reach of cats because they can get anywhere when they are following a chemical smell. My suggestion is to give away the plants (not the cat) :) or spray the plant frequently with bitter apple spray.

    Mary Anne

  29. Thank you for your reply I wasn’t really sure if anyone would reply (1st time I’ve blogged – I’m no longer a blog virgin). I know you suggested the bitter apple spray, but I’ve also read about a cayenne spray (1 teaspoon of finely ground cayenne to 1 cup of water in a spray bottle); have you or anyone else had first hand experience with this particular alternative? If so, did it work and more importantly was it a safe alternative for kitty?

  30. The cayenne pepper is a bit harsh for cats. The bitter apple or even lemon juice (or lemon scented air freshener would be a safer alternative.

    Also try redirecting kitty’s fascination with catnip plants and cat grass. Good luck.

    Tru sorry to keep intruding on your blog, but after having to witness first-hand a cat dying from being obstructed. I have signed up to be emailed about comments on this subject here.


  31. You’re not intruding at all. (Again … I’m a first time blogger. This is not my blog, I happened upon it while trying to find deterrent options.) I’m truly sorry to hear that you had to witness the death of a cat; I know how truly heart wrenching that can be. I had my favorite kitty die in my arms when I was a little girl, the neighbors unleashed dog had spooked her while she sat on our fence and she used poor judgment in her fear and leapt to the wrong side of the fence … when I lost her it really crushed me … I’ve never forgotten her. Anyway, before I completely dredge up old sorrows, I will certainly try the lemon juice suggestion – I have that in the house (as well as lime juice). I absolutely don’t want to hurt her, but I do need her to quit eating the plastic plants (she is most assuredly doing it – we can tell when we clean out her litter box every night). Is there a particular mixture ratio to follow (i.e., 1 tablespoon lemon juice to 1 cup water) or do I use pure lemon juice?

  32. I was apologizing to the actual blog owner. My blog is :)

    If you are seeing pieces of plastic in the cat’s feces, I urge you to just get rid of the plants. Honestly, they aren’t worth the life of your cat. You can also start feeding organic catnip, canned pumpkin or laxatone to try and help move the pieces out of the system. It seriously could kill your cat her fascination and taste testing of the plastic plants. :(

  33. Oh. Sorry to the blog owner as well (again… new to this). Thank you for all of your help, it’s really appreciated. We do have dried catnip in the house (she eats the fresh stuff to a nub in a matter of minutes and I can’t keep enough of it around), so I’ll start making that more readily available to her (though she’s pretty quirky afterwards). I’m going to try the lemon juice idea for a small bit and see if it works; if it doesn’t … I guess we’ll have to find an alternative decorating idea. Again, thank you so much!

  34. Mary Anne and Shannon,

    No need to apologize. :) I thank you for visiting my blog and participating with comments… it makes it worthwhile to have the blog when I see that people are getting something out of it.

    Thank you, Mary Anne, for replying to people’s comments. You are so much quicker than I am and that’s great. :)

  35. Hey I found your blog after a google search for cat eats plastic.
    My cat has been eating plastic for a while, I plastic proofed the house but he found some in my closet.
    I am worried now, 36 hours or so ago he was dry heaving but nothing was coming out.
    He hasn’t eaten (until I give him tuna fish 5 min ago)
    Someone said to give them a little mineral oil that might help them pass the plastic.
    I’m not sure if I should just pass that step and go straight to the vet tomorrow.
    The only thing is the cat FREAKS OUT! when he has to leave the house. Theres a vet that makes house calls im debating whether I should pay the 200 bucks for them to come look at the cat or just put him through the misery of a car ride where he’s gonna prolly need an x-ray anyway?
    Sorry im rambling on about this but this situation’s making me uneasy :(

  36. Frank, please get him to the vet. He would need an emergency clinic vet because they would be more equipped to help you if he needs intensive care. Plastic is nasty on the system. Not only can it cause obstruction, but it can twist around tissue, organs, etc. You also have to take into consideration that some plastic could be toxic for the cat.

    Good luck-


  37. Also cover the carrier with a dark cloth while you are transporting the cat. Call the ER clinic before you leave- they may tell you something you can try at home to help the cat. Most will just tell you to come right in though. Also if you have any classical CD’s play that music softly in the car during transport. Put a pillow underneath the carrier to cut down on the vibration of the engine and the road.

  38. Hi, I too found this blog by googling plastic eating cats. My kitty is just obsessed with plastic bags, the minute he hears the rustling of bags or the pantry door opening he is there in a shot. He has recently lost a lot of weight so I am taking him to the Vet tonight, but I know he won’t stop as this will be the second time I have had to take him in.

    The problem I have is that my cat is like a 3-year-old child in that everything he stumbles across he needs to put in his mouth. I have seen him eat bits of cardboard, fabric, bags, bugs to fluff and he just won’t learn! :p

    As he is a house cat, I have wondered if chewing bags is a substitute for grass or twigs? He does have some dental issues and I’m curious if chewing the bags soothes the gums?

  39. It sounds like your cat has what is called Pica. You can google this confusing condition and find two trains of thought. One group believes it is a neurological problem while the other insists it is a nutritional deficiency. I hope the vet will be able to find out the problem and if there is an obstruction fix it quickly through surgery.

    Don’t get mad at your cat, he is driven by an internal force and likely can’t stop himself from eating strange objects

    Good luck


  40. Thanks Mary Anne, yes I have checked out Pica today and it does sound like he has it. My concern at the moment is in the past 3-4 days his weight has dropped dramatically. He is Russian Blue, which are normally slender, but right now he is more like a bag of bones so I’m quite worried he has a blockage from eating bags or too much cardboard.

    Thanks again

  41. You can help him a bit if you give him either some canned pumpkin with his food (is he eating?) or some mineral oil syringed slowly into his mouth. Fish oil works too, just something to help lube his system and perhaps pass the foreign body. But his best chance of getting well lies in getting him to the vet quickly.

  42. That’s the thing, he is eating at least one meal a day. I have noticed that if he doesn’t like something he will cover it with his biscuits (i.e. scrapping from one bowl to the other). He is chipper, happy, running and I did consider worms but I’m sure if it was there would be other signs? He is a very vocal cat but lately his meows have been quite ‘whiny’, like he will sit by the pantry door and let out this “woes me” sounds when he has a bowl full of food. The second you open that door he is straight in there to get at the bags. I’m hoping the vet gives me some good! :(

  43. Wow
    I thought I owned the only feline “plastic bags junkie”. My cat Magnolia runs away in terror when we rustle a plastic bag in her presence.
    However when we are away from the house or sleeping soundly at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning she seeks to dine on plastic bags. One of her favorites is the thin plastic protective sheaths placed on our delivered newspaper. Another bizarre choice is the wrappers from feminine hygiene products. She will scheme and plot to get her polydactyl mitts on these. She also loves “fake Christmas trees”, cotton swabs and rubber flip-flops.
    I am very concerned that she will end up with a severe intestinal blockage.
    This is definitely an on- going issue as there seems to be no way to stop the behavior. My worries are two-fold. Can I substitute or offer her something as an alternative? What are the best homemade (Bowel) laxative options?

  44. If it is an ongoing problem your best option is to keep these items away from your cat. You can use fresh organic catnip as a fiber choice, just give a pinch or two in the canned food- you can use canned pumpkin as well but the reality is, there is something highly attractive in plastics for cats, and so all plastic items need to be stowed away. My cat who went in with an obstruction had a habit of eating the plastic wrapper of the bread. I ended up getting a bread keeper to keep Ripley away from the plastic.

  45. They can gain weight if they have an obstruction that is preventing their food from passing normally. Plastic bags shredded and eaten can easily cause obstruction. As far as symptoms, they are really varied- choking, losing weight, refusing food, constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, gagging, lethargy. IF you suspect your cat has inhaled a plastic bag CALL YOUR VET IMMEDIATELY. He will be able to guide you as to what to do or tell you if you need to bring the cat into the clinic.

  46. I have read some of the comments here about cats eating plastic bags and I beg of you, please don’t allow your cats to eat them. My one cat has recently taken to eating the handles of grocery bags and I have to quickly put the groceries away and get rid of the bags.

    They can cause blockage in the intestines and can also twist the intestines and your cat can die.

    I don’t know why my cat has started to eat plastic bags. She didn’t use to. I wanted to ask my vet about that when I recently took her for her checkup and shots, but forgot.

    Please, keep all plastic away from your cats. Also about the cat whose stomach is hard. I don’t know, but it could be a tumor. You really should find a way to get it to a vet. Maybe you can find one that will give you a reduced rate. Good luck with your cat.

  47. Something that I do these days is to use reusable grocery bags whenever I can remember. This is better for the environment and reduces my cats’ exposure to plastic bags. Plus, at Safeway, they give $0.03 credit for bringing in your own bag(s), with multiple credits when multiple plastic bags are spared.

  48. My chinchilla persian cat loves to chew and eat the handles to plastic bags. Its like she is drawn to them like a magnet as if she can smell them miles away. We never let her eat them but she has gotten a hold of them at times and we would see them reminince in her bowls. However now they don’t pass; they are thown up. I don’t know if she will ever learn. Today she had gotten on my kitchen table and was able to get one out of the trash can and ate on it.
    I’m worried that one day she will not be able to throw it up! I was told that they use fish oils to keep the plastic bags from sticking together.

  49. Jessica, if you read the above comments in this posting, you will find they do not use fish oil in the making of plastic bags. This thread pretty much covers that misinformation. :) Good luck keeping plastic away from your kitty. My one cat if she couldn’t get to the white shopping bags, she would eat the plastic off the bread loaves. She is gone now due to her affliction. She got stopped up with plastic and developed complications after her surgery to correct the problem. :(

  50. I also have a cat named Luna, and she loves tape and plactic bags. She’ll also eat a rubber band if she finds one. I read it may be an attration to petroleum.

  51. Hey, my name is Tia. I’m only 16 and don’t know how i managed to end up on this really. It’s just my dog ate a plastic bag with a muffin in it and I’ve been so worried that i’m still awake at 01:17am trying to look on the internet if she will be ok.
    I just wanted to say thanks. I know that this blog is about your cat eating bags, but it gives me some re-assurance towards my dog’s well being!

    I’m not sure if the digestive system of a cat and a dog are similar.. i just hope she’ll e ok, thanks again for this hope-boosting blog.

    (P.s if you do know anything bad that can come of my dog eating a plastic bag, please, please let me know, thanks)

  52. I have a cat named Luke that has been hospitalized three times because he ate plastic bags. No blockages have been found, thank goodness, so I guess he throws up and poops out what he eats, but he gets very dehydrated from vomiting after eating the bags. I have searched this house MANY times trying to get all the plastic out. I can’t believe how much there is, and it’s a constant battle.

    My vet said that what attracts them is stearic acid, a fatty acid found in meats and some vegetables, which is used in the manufacture of plastic bags. Unfortunately, she did not have a clue as to how to stop him from eating the plastic.

    One more note, in case you all don’t know this yet. It was news to me. My cat, Leia, ate a piece of an Easter Lily, which I found out is severely poisonous to cats. She was hospitalized, had blood tests, fluids, and was monitored for two days. She survived. Apparently, there is no antidote to the plant yet. I have always heard about poinsettias, but I had not heard about Easter Lilies. My vet said one of the cats they treated died from ingesting Easter Lily pollen and the owner didn’t know it was a problem until it was too late. Please spread the word to other cat owners that you know.

    Thanks for having this blog. It helps.


  53. Yeah, the battle against plastic bags is never-ending.

    I’m sorry about what happened to your cat, Myrna, but I’m glad that she survived. My favorite flower is stargazer lily but it’s not allowed in my home since I got my cats. My thoughtful boyfriend got me plush flowers for Valentine’s Day so that my cats wouldn’t be poisoned nor injured if I decided to keep the flowers at home.

    Here’s a good resource on pet care with regards to poison control to know what to avoid:

    I hope that helps.

  54. Hello cat lovers and friends of felines,

    My four month old foster kitten died during surgery to remove a gastrointestinal obstruction.

    Heartbreakingly, the situation was not treated as the emergency it truly was maybe due to the fact that he was a “rescue” cat. Just because rescue animals from non-profits receive discounted rates they should not get less care and had proper diagnostic efforts been made in a timely manner he would likely be alive. He declined so much in three days his heart failed during surgery from stress, weakness, dehydration/electrolyte imbalance.

    The substance found in his lower intestine/colon was either plastic….clear from a zip-lock bag, OR silica from a silica bead packet found in food products to absorb moisture.

    Please take every precaution to prevent your animals from ingesting such things and if your pet shows any combination of lethargy, loss or lack of appetite, vomiting, or difficulty passing stool please bring your animal to the vet. G.I. obstructions are life threatening and animals can slowly or rapidly decline. Even partial obstructions can be fatal.

    Take care. Jessica

  55. Well, this was all very informative. So glad I stubbled across your blog.

    One of my five cats, Redington, (male, orange tabby) constantly licks packing tape and plastic grocery store bags & chews on artifical plants. In conjunction with these odd habits, he has always had loose stools, sometimes with a spot of blood. He often eats gobs of food and then vomits it back-up. Recently, I have been experimenting with different brands and varieties of food. Now I’m wondering if he has IBS.

    Before I go asking my vet to figure it out, does anyone have details of the tests/procedures conducted to determine if he has this condition? Thanks! – Lisa

  56. Hello,

    Just a quick message about this amazing product that is INCREDIBLE in healing diarrhea. It is a formulation of probiotics (living cultures/enzymes like what is found in yogurt,) but includes one that is specific to the intestinal flora in cats–Enterococcus Faecium. It’s called Holistic Solution made by Eagle Pack. It can be mixed into wet food or simply sprinkled over dry food.

    I’ve had the most amazing results with this treatment especially in young kittens and anytime there is stress induced diarrhea or a dietary change. It also helps if an animal is being treated with antibiotics that are known to cause loose stool.

    Take care, Jessica

    p.s. Blood in stool is usually caused from inflammation.

  57. Please before you use any product make sure your vet is aware of the problem and what you want to do about it. Diarrhea can be indicative of serious diseases that probiotics can’t cure.

  58. To Lisa L,

    I had a cat that always threw up if she ate dry catfood and then ate canned food right after.

    If she ate one or the other, she was ok, it was just when they were mixed that she would bring it up.

    Of course there are other things that could cause her to vomit. It’s also probably better to just give your cat small amounts of food more frequently. Alot of cats seem to have very delicate stomachs.

    It’s always best to have your cat checked by a vet for any problem.

  59. Dear Listner’s,
    I too have a cat (Mr. Smokey) who loves to eat plastic bags. I got him special cat food that pertains to taking care of the hairball situation. But i still think he might be lacking a certain mineral or vitamin. I am going to check with the vet. the next time i go.

  60. Man! This is crazy huh? I have 3 cats. One likes to eat plastic grocery bags, shopping bags and dry cleaning bags. Tonight she threw up a hairball and when I cleaned it up, I noticed a piece of plastic. I saw her nibbling a bag earlier today, so……… Anyway, I think she ate it to help her get rid of the hairball! I am so thankful for all of your comments, and to know it is so common is pretty shocking!!

  61. My cat, Max, has been chewing on plastic bags for a while and I didn’t realize that he actually eats the plastic so now I hide them from him. He has lost alot of weight, gags alot, doesn’t eat much and the vet has done alot of testing but cannot find what the problem is. Could it be the plastic?
    Thanks for your help.

  62. Kerri,

    You need to get your Max to a feline specialist for a thorough exam. The plastic won’t show up on film and some of the plastic is toxic to kitties. Max could be in real trouble here and it may be because of the plastic or something else.

  63. My cat eats everything plastic, plastic bags and also plastic toys, he ate my sons plastic watch. the colored bracelets you get for the diff charities, he eats, he doesnt always vomit and it is so annoying My son cant leave anything out.
    his plastic watch waas on top of the computer for weeks, my son was playing with it yesterday the cat got it and I took it from hima nd put it back on the computer I think the cat sniffed it out because this morning it was gone and only the watch was left laying on the floor.
    anyone else have their cats eat anything plastic

  64. Looks like I’m “joining the club”! Here I am… up since 5 a.m. since my orange tabby, Longfellow, began to gag and vomit stomach acid – on my bed. I fell asleep next to him – worrying about his sudden lithargy and gagging. Sure enough, after over twenty attempts to vomit (& me following him around with a rag & Nature’s Miracle), he threw up one, long piece of plastic from packing tape!

    I’ve read just about everyone’s comments on this thread – so I hope I’m not being redundant; not only does my adult male constantly try to eat plastic, packing tape but he has always had this strange attraction to chemicals… things you’d never think would smell/taste attractive to a feline! For example; he always tries to lick my face after I’ve used Sea Breeze (contains alcohol, etc.), or lick my legs after I’ve put on lotion, sprayed perfume, etc.!

    He is a rescue that came to me as an adult with many “issues”. I imagined that he was living in a crack house or something – the way he seems to love “chemicals”! Yet, if I put a can of wet chicken or turkey food in front of him – he clearly flicks his front paw and walks away.

    Of course, my other two kitties are thinking, “Cool! That’s more for us ;)”

    I just had him at the vet five days ago – for his yearly check-up. He, too, has a rather large and hard belly.

    After this sudden turn in his behavior and health (gagging, runny eye, lack of energy & appetite – and, finally, vomitting up the long piece of plastic thread from one of the many moving boxes we are currently surrounded with), I am calling his vet as soon as they open this morning.

    Once before, he threw up a clump of brown packing tape that was in the same form of a hairball… which is really more like a hair “cigar” – since it’s in the shape of their intenstines! It, too, had blood and mucous in it (gross, I know) which was due to the fact that it caused such irritation.

    Now I’m wondering if there’s a lot more in that belly that he hasn’t passed. I may suggest he have a barium test (or it’s equivalent?) – thanks to one of the above post suggestions.

    I do highly recommend the pro-biotics added to all indoor kitties diets. From what I understand is this; cats don’t produce digestive enzymes – which they get from eating grass & other vegetation in the wild. I will keep reading this post and doing research – in hopes of better understanding this friggin’ attraction to plastic.

    Yeah, and don’t get me started on what it’s done to our environment! There’s a floating island of plastic (somewhere in the Pacific) that has been studied now for several years. Plastic doesn’t break down by photo synthesis – but remains in small, plastic, toxic particles – being eaten by marine life and thus getting ingested in to our own bodies. OY!

    Thanks, again, for the great blog. ~Rhae in Sherman Oaks, CA.

  65. I am sorry your kitty had to go through this. There really isn’t much a vet can do except surgery as plastic won’t show up on an x-ray. Probiotics have to be used with your vets consent. I have known of cases where cats actually have a reaction to these enzymes and it didn’t turn out pretty. A few teasp. of plain yogurt with active cultures during the month is fine, but using the encapsulated probiotics should be avoided unless your vet says otherwise.

    I hope your cat pulls through and tis the season for packing tape and ribbon nightmares- so keep a careful eye out-

  66. Thought that this was a rare thing and did think that this behavior was not good for cats. My Grandmother was lonely and she wanted me to take her to the humane society and adopted a cat. He is a domestic long-haired cat and he was sneaking bags out of cubbyhole and eating them. I inherited my grandmothers cat Marty when she passed away 3 months ago. Since he has been with me he has influenced my other cat to do the same plus eat rubber bands.(Don’t know where the cats are getting rubber bands). The girls have an appointment in Feb. Found out today that Marty hasn’t seen a vet in a long time, so he needs to be seen soon. One yr ago Marty was heavy and now he is much lighter and vomiting and now also the other cat is also vomiting, but not losing weight and eats a lot, hogs all the food from her sister and Marty. All three cats have to be at my feet as soon as they hear the feed bag open or pouring food into their dishes. I pray that the 2 cats don’t have any problems. The 3rd cat has no interest in any bad habits except cling on to me or just sit on my shoulders even when I’m in the car or truck.

    Lisa from NH

  67. This is interesting. My silly feline also loves ingesting anything plastic. About a year ago he was so sick we thought he wasn’t going to make it. It began with a wheezing, gagging fit every two days or so and developed over the next few weeks into a serious situation. He had been losing weight but it was over a few months and he has a lot of hair, so it was not that obvious until the last month. He looked very skinny and he began throwing up bright yellow bile (he was not eating).

    We took him into the vet and he had liver disease… he was jaundiced. We had no idea what it could have been from, although we did suspect that it was plastic bag ingestion. As it turned out the vet wanted to do surgery, but tried antibiotics, bile decreasing medicine (don’t know the technical name), an appetite stimulant and a few other things first. Poor kitty was popping pills twice a day.

    After about a month his blood was work was normal again and his liver was functioning properly, so we did not need the surgery.

    I am almost positive this is related to the plastic bag eating. We beleive that he got a bag stuck in his stomach and then he developed an infection.

    We have hidden bags ever since but just recently we found one that he had gotten a hold of and torn to shreds. Now he is wheezing again, for the last week or so.

    Poor little guy :(

  68. Hello All,

    My cat Avery, LOVES to eat plastic bags. Twice now in the past 1 1/2 yrs. he has had to go to the vet for kitty enemas :( due to the blockage. He was just at the vet this mo. for that. His new diet to help this is dry cat food in the a.m. w/metamucil unflavored powder sprinkled on it & wet cat food in the p.m. w/ a few tablespoons of gerber baby squash, (a natural laxative for animals, or you can use pumpkin but it seems squash is better tasting), along with once every 3 days a dime size goober of petroleum jelly, (to help lube his bowels). The second feeding sounds gross but I mix it all together & he loves it. Along w/hiding all & any plastic. I haven’t tried cat grass but now introduce this into his diet. All of his diet has come from his Doctors recomendation. Hope this help someone.

  69. I have 3 cats. 2 are brothers (litter mates) One of my twins….Jake loves to eat plastic. To where he is osbsessed with it. I keep all plastic bags away and he will hunt around the house until he finds some plastic to chew on. I recently changed my shower curtain liner. I don’t know what type of plastic it is made of but while in the shower the other day I noticed that he ate the bottom of the curtain! He never touched the old one (which was very expensive) so I am figuring the old one was heavy vinyl instead of plastic. Jake has always been my wild one.. Always climbing and loves to jump from high places. Doesn’t socialize well with his brother and my other cat who raised his boys.. The other 2 cats lick plastic occasionally but are not obsessed with it.

  70. Our Maine Coone, Henry, loves anything plastic which we only found out when he slid past us on his bum with a trail of plastic hanging out his back end leaving a brown trail which we had to carefully extract then clean his fur!! Luckily the Vet cleared him. The house has been cleared of all plastic

  71. David, I am glad your kitty survived this. If this ever happens again, please do not extract anything from your cat’s rectum (or mouth) without a vet in attendance. A lot of times, the plastic, string, thread, dental floss, whatever the cat swallowed, can become wrapped around vital organs or tissue, and pulling on it isn’t advisable. I would love for the plastics manufacturers to put something into their product that repels cats- in a perfect world, I suppose that might happen. Just not “economically feasible” is what I was told by one rep when I asked for this to be looked into. So in the meantime, more cats will come into harm’s way as some pet owners think it is cute that their cats love plastic bags. I’m not saying anyone here believes that. We have all been quickly baptized in concern because of our cats love for this substance.

  72. My cat eats everything: plastic, wool, carpeting, food in the pantry, you name it. I have tried everything to stop her as she even opens closet doors to get at things. I have now had to put locks on the closet doors, put pillows in the doorways so she does not lift the carpeting, although my husband has nailed it down! Anyway, I found that if I give her a large paper shopping bag, with the handles cut off, she has been playing with that and getting into less trouble eating things she should not. You may want to try it. I have had cats before, but she is like no other. Even the vet thought she was “off” and that I should put her down, but I love her and will put up with her bad habits.

  73. Marie, your cat has Pica. She is not off, she just is afflicted with this troubling disorder. I do know that if you google Pica, you will run into a yahoo group where people whose cats have this disorder get together and offer ideas and comments. I cannot remember the name of the group, but it does exist. I did an article about this disorder a few years ago and the group was a great help.

  74. Hi,
    I’m glad I just found this thread.
    I have 2 cats, one of which eats plastic.
    Her name is Mocha, she’s about 1 1/2.
    It took me a long time to notice she was actually eating it, I though she was just shredding it before.
    I’ve tried to hide all the plastic in the house, however, I am concerned that there might be some still stuck inside of her.
    However, she doesn’t display any symptoms at all, no vomiting, diarrhea, no lack of appetite, no pain, no lethargy, shes very active and playful.
    I don’t know if I should still take her into the vet, it’s been a while (as far as I know) since she’s had a plastic snack.
    Does anyone know if it is possible that if there’s anything left inside it will pass through with time?
    I’m mostly concerned because I know she’s eaten it before but I’ve only ever seen it in her stool once, so there might be some inside still…
    I’m going to start feeding her a bit of canned food and get her another cat grass to see if it will help at all with her urges to snarf plastic.

  75. I would give your cat some mineral oil over some wet food and mix it up well. Or organic catnip to try and push any plastic pieces through. They won’t show up in films at the vet so unless she appears to be straining when going, or vomiting, or she stops eating, there isn’t much you can do for her. Hopefully, the plastic pieces have passed.

  76. I am so heart broken. I had my niki 15 yrs and she has always eaten plasitc of any kind. I spent time removing bags and such all the time. On June 19th 2009 my vet put her down. She has a kidney infection the liver cancer. Now I am wondering was it from the bags. He said it was old age and I told him about he plastic bags and he said he had never heard of that and has been a doctor for over 30 yrs. I am grieving so bad she was my friend and I loved her so much. I notices she has ate one side of her litter bag when I went to scoop her litter. She threw up real bad and blood was in it so I rushed her in. She had lost a extreme amount of weight. She was 6 pounds when he put her to sleep. Now after reading all these atricles I feel so guilty!!!!!!

  77. Dee Dee- I am so very sorry that you lost your kitty, but honestly, if she was going to pass away from plastics, she would have done so a very long time ago! Fifteen is a good age for a cat, and I believe that your guilt is just part of the grieving process. It’s common to feel guilty, and wonder what you could have done better or differently? Just as a side note to anyone who reads this, litter liners are a waste of money. The cats eat them, they snag their claws into them, and they really are made for humans to like, not cats. A better way is to just clean out your litter pans and after they are dry, spray a thin coating of PAM Cooking Spray on the bottom, let it air dry a few seconds and then fill the pan with the litter. No more sticky clumps, they slide right out.

    Again Dee, it was not your fault. It was time for your cat to move on to the next adventure and you will see her again!

  78. Thanks for this blog, has helped me a lot, and hopefully will help Banjo too. He consumed an awful lot of one of those plastic bags that break down in sunlight last night, like most people’s cats, can open sliding doors. So, it’s off to the vet tomorrow. His tum is hard, he’s wanting to eat, but can’t, and is now fairly miserable in his bed. Not his usual bouncy self at all.
    Has a plastic fixation like many cats, but I didn’t know how bad. Just hope now I’ve got a vet that is clued up to this.
    So very sorry for those poor folks who have lost their animals this way. I only twigged to it linking it to the plastic bags sea creatures eat and their subsequent miserable end.
    We live & learn, hopefully !!

  79. Jen- I would take him to an ER Vet NOW especially after reading about the problems he is experiencing. I hope you are still awake and will take him in NOW instead of waiting.

  80. My cat, Spike, is 3 years old and has already had two surgeries to remove unedible objects from his intestines and stomach. I came to find out that the hair ties he was playing with (which all cats I’ve ever had loved batting around the floor and tossing in the air) were not just disappearing under the stove or refrigerator…he was eating them, along with dental floss, fake plants, bra straps, the strings on my bikinis, the fringe on the area rugs (basically anything stringy) plastic bags, cigarette cellophane, and his favorite, sanitary napkin wrappers. So everyone please be warned about those items, as well.

    My vet told me that, while plastic usually easily passes through their system, it can bunch up together with their food and become a clump too large to pass.

    Judging by the diarrhea and hard stomach, I’m guessing it’s time for surgery number three, but I have no idea where the blockage could be coming from this time because I have been careful not to leave anything he shouldn’t be eatting laying around. I am trying to reduce his food intake (he LOVES to eat) to see if that will break up any clumps he may have and will now try Mary Anne’s suggestions.

  81. I took my cat, a long haired Persian to the vet yesterday along with a sample of vomit for the vet to look at. She said it was a hairball. My cat Oscar has been throwing up more and more all the time. This morning he threw up vomit with a peice of plastic in it. So, I found this blog while looking for answers. He is very fussy and doesn’t like a lot of foods that I’ve tried to get him to eat. After reading some of the comments on your site, I am starting to wonder if he is sneaking into the open top garbage containers that sit out at night after I go to bed, because he generally pukes up at night. I am going to get different garbage containers that he can’t get into today. But, what can I give an extremly fussy cat to help with his hariball problem that he will eat? He won’t eat canned cat food or table scraps.

    1. Debbie, try to give him grass from your yard (no lawn chemicals of course!) and see if he will eat that and vomit a hairball soon after. If natural grass isn’t available, get some “pet grass” (wheat grass) from the pet store and see if he’ll eat that. I have one cat that when he eats grass, real or pet, he will vomit up his hairball.

  82. I am glad I stumbled across this website to learn that my cat is not the only one. Kermie is 1 1/2yrs old and just started chewing on plastic about a month ago. Luckily he doesn’t seem sick. And I am fortunate that I don’t usually have plastic around my house. I am going to take the suggestion of trying to keep pet grass on hand for him on a regular basis. Thanks everyone for your posts and suggestions! It helped me to understand more about my cat.

  83. Hi Im up at 5am right now and really worried. My kitten ate a piece of plastic (poster wrap)..I could hear him chewing it, and when I went to pull it out of his mouth, it was too late…so he swallowed it. He seems fine. No vomiting, playful, but I’m still worried. Will it likely pass through his system or is it something serious? Im so nervous. He eats everything he sees, likes to get into mischief.

  84. I would just give him a small pinch of organic catnip to eat and see if this fiber will help push the plastic out of his system. Mineral oil may help as well but you need a vet to tell you how much you can safely give.

  85. I recently adopted a 3.5 year old cat, and found out the first night I brought her home that she eats plastic bag type plastic. I’ve put all plastic bags out of her reach. Today I found her attempting to eat a broom’s straw bristles, but I’m not sure if she ate any before I put it out of her reach. She’s also obese with a big appetite, and I’ve got her on a weight loss diet now. I wonder if cats that have this plastic eating habit are overweight?

    1. The vet has always said that both of my cats needed to lose weight but they’re not at the point of obesity. I think they’re just big cats. Even then, only one cat has the plastic obsession and he is the smaller of the two.

      I fed my cats weight control food for years but then switched to regular food and that was when my cats lost weight. Unfortunately the food is expensive but I figure it’s better than paying for huge medical bills later on.

      Good luck with your cat, Dave!

  86. In response to “dave” who recently adopted the 3.5 year old obese cat. My cat used to eat plastic bags and still would if I allowed her to. But she is and has always been “on the skinny side” according to the vet. Nothing alarming, she is completely healthy, but I make an extra effort to keep all plastic bags away from her so that she doesn’t get sick. She doesn’t eat anything else though, nothing she shouldn’t I mean. I give her regular grass from my yard during the summer and she loves to munch on that and it helps her regurgitate her hairballs. In the winter I buy cat grass aka Wheat Grass. She loves that as well.

  87. Usually they are not overweight. It is a chemical attraction and not a food issue. You would be wise to also increase your cat’s activity level to help her slim down. Da Bird is a great supervised cat toy for that purpose. You do not want to leave kitty with the toy without you in the room because string is so dangerous for cats if they ingest it- same as plastic can be.

  88. My cat also loves to chew on plastic bags of all kinds. Grocery sacks, plastic wrappers for toilet paper, ziplocks, anything. Strangely enough, he’s also terrified of plastic bags when shaken in his general direction.

    A couple weeks ago he also had an incident of diarrhea and leaving bloody squirts around on the carpet. He also was kinda lazy and not wanting to eat much. Fecal worm tests all came up negative, and the problem seemed to begin resolving on its own even before a precautionary deworming. I’m now thinking the problem was due to eating plastic bags.

  89. I think my 4mth old kitten swallowed half a milk jug ring. Do you think it will pass ok since it wasn’t intact. She was playing with it and then all of a sudden I see her with only half the ring. So I don’t know if she bit off little pieces at a time or just eat the half whole.

  90. The plastic milk rings come with a caveat for sure. They should only be played with during the time that you can watch the kitten or cat play. The smell of the milk transfers to the ring making it twice as attractive to cats as food source. I would feed you kitty fiber; canned pumpkin mixed with a bit of wet food, organic catnip, long spring grasses if available and watch the litter pan activity. I also would be sure not to give this kitty this type of play toy in the future- just to be on the safe side.

  91. I have 4 indoor cat’s,My oldest 9!8) has suddenly starting the part of the trash bag that hang’s over the trash can..I don’t know why,It horrifies me as I know this can’t be right and healthy….It really helped reading these comment’s.Put it on my favorite’s so I can keep up to date:)

  92. I used to have a terrible problem with my long haired cat searching for plastic bags to eat. I found that since I started giving him cat hairball treats made by Fiskies (that you can buy at any store in the little tiny pouches) or any other brand that he no longer craves the plastic bags. He must have been trying to ease his stomache ache from the hairballs. I now take him to the groomer more often for coat care and he gets his treats every day that he loves. He even begs for his treats if I forget. He no longer roams the house searching for plastic to eat, he doesn’t hack up hairballs anymore like he used to, and his weight has improved. Buying him his hairball treats is a small price compared to a large vet bill to get the plastic out of him or worse yet having him die from eating all that plastic. I tried oil in his food, canned cat food, tube hairball paste, I even tried giving him real grass. He wouldn’t eat any of it. He is a fussy eater and only eats dry cat food. But he always comes for his treats and he is a happy contented cat now and has been for almost a year now. This was his and my solution to a big problem with the plastic bags.

  93. Hi All,

    My cat Teddy is also a plastic addict. He is 5 years old. Some say its the animal fat used in manufacturing plastic or that the smell of plastic mimics a sex hormone, either way plastic is irresistible to some cats. Teddy started vomiting 2 weeks ago. The vomit was a frothy yellow bile, other than this, he was eating, drinking, eliminating as per usual. I took no chances and got him to the vet, and then another, and then another as they ran blood, urine, fecal, xrays, ultrasounds and a test for pancreatitus. Everything came back normal. Last week he wound hospitalized for 2 days.They treated him with fluids, pain care, anti nausea medication. He’s been home with me for 3 days but is still only eating tiny bits and is very lethargic. I have spent almost 5k and the vets do not have any answers for me.They assured there is no obstruction. I know it is the plastic. I am starting to see some bits of plastic like stuff in his stool, which oddly has no smell. During his violent vomit episodes he did throw some plastic packaging tape along with the bile. Does the stool not smell from the antibiotics or because he has such little food in his system? The vets have stopped calling me back. I think they have no answers or they think I am neurotic . We are trying another one on Monday but all of this stress is certainly not helping him heal.Will he pass this if it is plastic? My feeling is that it is something with the GI tract. My other cat eats the same food as Teddy and is fine and both cats live indoors. Please any advice! I need to exhaust everything, he is only 5 and is the sweetest lap cat you could ever meet, an absolute Teddy bear.

  94. I am sorry that you and your cat are going through this. You really need a feline specialist, or at the very least a veterinary college to look him over. The problem with the plastic is that it won’t show up in films and it does so much damage. Did they even bother to look under his tongue? If he has a piece caught in his mouth, it will wrap around his tongue but you can’t see it unless you look under his tongue. He could have it wrapped around tissue, or really anything. The plastic grocery bags are the worse and yes, those are coated with animal fat that is why they are so slick. It is the plastic garbage bags that are only made with chemicals not anything else.

    I know that for a small credit card fee you can contact the specialists at Tufts University. They have an emergency phone number. Let me see if I still have it, If I do, I will list it for you.

    Best of luck, I have been there and done that with plastic and it didn’t turn out well for the cat. It was a long time ago though so hopefully things have changed.

  95. Hello Michelle,

    Have any of your vets performed an abdominal ultrasound or barium series?

    Please look into it and see if you feel either of these options may be helpful in determining if there is an obstruction.

    Since he IS eliminating…maybe one of your vets can teach you the process of administering subQ fluids so you can give them at home as needed until whatever it is has a chance to pass and his appetite returns. It really isn’t difficult and will minimize the stress of being transported to and from the vet.

    When cats aren’t eating/drinking much, their blood levels get thrown off–electrolytes, proteins etc. When it was determined that my kitten had an obstruction (which took several maddening days) his heart gave out during the surgery to remove it because he was so depleted. He was only 3 months of age and young kittens are notorious for getting “shocky”. Their blood sugar levels are very sensitive. Typically young kittens eat often and can’t handle long periods of fasting.

    If you suspect a partial obstruction that may be moving down and out, consider giving your guy small amounts of vegetable glycerin, a neutral smelling oil or something that will lubricate the g.i. tract and colon. Mixing these things in with Gerber’s chicken baby food in a small dish may work or gently syringe it into his mouth.

    With my kitten, Jet, I now believe the obstruction WAS traveling and depending on where it was, his symptoms changed slightly depending on the position and location of the obstruction. He went from eating small amounts to vomiting. It wasn’t until he began vomiting that the vet decided to investigate an obstruction. Prior to that she was focusing on sickness/infection despite my adamant feelings that he had an obstruction. Being a busy body kitten and getting into stuff, combined with loss of appetite and inability to poop–I just knew!!!!

    I have deep regrets I didn’t remove him from that vet’s care and taken him to another one who would have more quickly investigated my suspicions.

    I am not a vet and do not intend to give medical advice. Sometimes desperate situations call for trying trial and error or taking things into one’s own hands when experts and professionals have not solved the problem.

    My thoughts are with you and your sweet guy.


    1. Jessica & Maryann,

      Thank you both for your responses. Teddy has had an ultrasound and 2 sets of xrays. All of the vets that have seen him say there is no obstruction. It could be all of the 5 years of eating plastic though have caused a GI issue. One wants to try acupuncture, one wants to see how he does for a week and if he is still not coming around she suggests an endoscope.
      What do you think?

      Maryanne – praying for your kittens to St. Francis.

  96. Jessica, I just read your posting, and I am so sorry you and Jet went through that. I long for the day when ALL vets will listen to the owners who share their lives with these creatures and who usually know what is going on and that something isn’t right. Currently, I am fighting to keep alive 3 remaining kittens from an abandoned litter. They are now three weeks old, I got them when there were just under a week old. All kittens have crashed at one time or another- one has died. The biggest and the strongest which is what alarms me. I tube feed, I give supportive liquids, but still the core temperature drops rapidly, the kitten begins to rapid breathe and the pulse pounds in the throat. I do all I can, wrap the kitten up in towels, place her in my warming cage and expect the next day to put her in the ground. The next time I check, she is back from the dead and looking postively normal.

    All the vets are stumped here and I have sent out a world-wide email to other vets to see if they know. This morning, the little calico girl has crashed. Her temperature is in the danger zone (98.2) I have done for her what I have done before with all of them and we will see what happens. I hate to play God and my vet seems to think we might have some sort of poison at work here- I don’t know. I do know that after 35 years of rescue,this is the end of the line for me. These kittens are so young and I am doing all I can but it isn’t enough to solve this thing.

  97. I adopted 2 cats from the Cat’s Protection and they had previously been indoor cats. One now eats grass quite happily but the other has an obsession with carrier (plastic shopping) bags. I think it is to relieve hairballs. I have had them for 2 years now and have seen no ill-effects. They see a vet as often as standard and Bill is a good weight and very perky.

    I do try to keep carrier bags out of his reach and deter him from eating them when I can but I’m not to worried so far.

  98. Maryanne -

    I am so sorry. You exhausted every avenue. Those little souls are still here, they just will take another form – possibly stronger & healthier. There is plan to all of this and you are a Saint.Don’t give up on that spirit or the love that drives you to rescue, even if you need to take a sanity break for a bit.

  99. My cat Mike eats plastic bags too. But he eats more unusual things then just that. He will also eat strings, and I’m pretty sure it’s normal for cats to eat the crumbs off of floors becuase he does that too. He will also:
    -lay in the sink
    -lick the drops of water in our bathtub
    -go on the side of the tub while I’m Showering
    -lick my other cat, Miss Kitty, and then suddenly start biting her and cause a fight!
    -Last but not least, whenever he’s sitting on my bedx and I’m laying down, he’ll get me up by pawing my head! If that doesn’t work, then he sometimes bites at my hair like he’s trying to eat it!

  100. Please to all of you who have cats who eat plastic of any kind. Get it out of your house. I just had to put my 6 yr old female Dom. Shorthair down as a result. She had Pica. That is what this obsession is called where they eat any kind. It is very serious. We tried for a week- short of performing surgery (didn’t do that knowing it would just happen again)on her to get her back. But it wasn’t enough. Very sad, but necessary. She ate the handles of shopping bags mostly, but also she’d any kind if found. Baggies, dental floss, anything with the plastic texture. The vet said small amounts was ok, but only if she threw it up or passed it. I couldn’t get it away from her sometimes. So plastic proof your house please! My other cat couldn’t care less about it. My vet said it was behavioral and even kids can have this problem. So please don’t go through this anguish, get rid of it now!

  101. To the other who said their cat was better with IV’s and meds. So was my Daphne. I kept her alive for a week, but she wouldn’t eat after throwing up so much the two days before that. We didn’t want to put her down, but we know that we can save others and hopefully another one without this problems. Daphne was like my child and it hurts a lot,but we couldn’t see her this way any more. We knew it was the plastic from box stuffing. Just a thin ribbon. So don’t have anything in your house like it. They like to play with it, then start eating ribbon etc. All can prove fatal. And I know you have to form an obsession with it to stop having it around. Just be careful.

  102. I am sorry that your cat lost her life, that is so sad.PICA is frustrating because vets don’t know why some cats have this behavior issue. Some believe it is a chemical imbalance while others blame nutrition. I had one kitten that sucked wool- sadly, he didn’t make it to his year birthday because of his obsession. He actually clawed a hole in an old dresser drawer and was pulling the wool out through the hole.

  103. I see a comment directed at me via my email, but not on this blog. I think my computer might have a glitch. But to the gal who’s cat is eating foil-please do not allow your cat anywhere near any type of foil. Aluminum foil of any type is highly toxic to cats. Whether he is chasing the chocolate smells of the candies (again chocolate is also toxic to cats)or something else, it is a dangerous game he is playing. Redirect his attention immediately with an interactive toy such as Da Bird or Nekoflies. Follow up each 15 minute play session with a meaty treat that he doesn’t get any time else.

    Best of luck

  104. Forgot to say to the foil eating cat owner- please take your cat to your vet and get bloodwork done. This will give you a baseline to go by in case something goes wrong- or God forbid if something is going wrong internally, it will show up in the blood work. Be sure and tell your vet your cat eats foil.

  105. My cat was eating every plastic bag in site (well the grocery store bag handles) than he started chewing on my plastic trash can liners…finally he threw up one night-yup-plastic bags. He threw up for the next day (maybe three times total). Thank God he hasn’t since. I have eliminated my home of plastic bags-keep them out of reach. This can not be a harmless habit. My male, Lucky does act like he’s addicted and will sneak a bite when at all possible if he can manage it.

  106. Just keep a good eye on him. It wouldn’t hurt to give him some fiber for awhile- loose catnip organic in nature, just put a pile on the floor; canned pumpkin mixed with canned cat food; cat grass or cooked green beans with a bit of butter chopped up. The fiber will push any plastic though the system and out the other end.

    best of luck and yes, keep all plastics out of reach of your cat and best yet out of your home.

  107. Hello. 4 days ago my cat ate this:

    He vomited a hard piece of plastic the next day, and there was just a very little blood in it.After that he had the gray piece of the plastic in his stool. But the round piece still hasnt come out. He has formed it in a worm like shape I am sure, because I cought him eating the same thing once before and I managed to remove it before he could swallow, and it was formed like a worm, linear form. The round plastic is like 2 inches tall if formed like that.

    He has not vomited anymore in the last four days,and he is acting fine, eating, playing .

    But what can I do? I didnt see him eat it, but Im pretty sure he did. I called the vet and he told me that if he isnt vomiting, it will maby pass eventualy. But I am scared that it may cause a perforation or something…

  108. I would get another vet to look at this kitty. The problem with plastic is it doesn’t show on film but the obstruction does. But, once the cat has an obstruction it is often to late.

    I had one kitty that I rescued who loved plastic bags. The owner was desperate to “get rid” of Tyler so she passed him to me. She didn’t tell me up front that he has this obsession. But when he went for the plastic bag container and I found him eating the handles, I rushed him to the vet.

    They ended up doing an exploratory on this poor kitty and I will spare you the details but he had pieces of plastic formed and stuck in several main organs. He died about two weeks after they put all his insides back in him and stitched him up.

    I don’t take any chances with plastic anymore and keep them in a sealed garbage can. I recycle them as soon as possible back to the stores and I put soiled litter now into empty cat food and dog food bags instead of plastic shopping bags.

  109. I asked a lot of vets, and they all told me to wait for signs, because the surgery can be very dangerous because a perforation is often caused during surgery if you pull too hard on the plastic and they die after surgery. He doesent have an obstruction (yet) because he is not vimiting.

  110. My cat King loves to eat the extra plastic hanging off the holes in the bag where they hang from the bag carousel. Anyways, last summer he ate some, which ended up clogging his intestine and making it corrode. He had to have that portion of his intestine removed and was at the vet for a week recovering. All in all, it cost about $1400. And now, he may have ingested more of it yesterday… sigh, what will I do with him.

  111. If I had a kitty such as King, I wouldn’t be bringing any plastic bags into the home at all. I had one cat that was so determined to get into the plastic bags she would open the cupboard door at night and chow down. I don’t have plastic here anymore. I keep any extra ones in the trunk of my car (seriously) I have had enough vet bills as a result of cats passion for plastic that I don’t keep them in the house any longer. I rescue kitties and some of them with PTSD are drawn to plastic bags.

    Get rid of the plastic, switch to the recyled bags that stores offer or ask for paper bags.

  112. My 3yr old cat (Emma) is obsessed w plastic bags. I have noticed frequent trips to the litter box with no results. She is obviously constipated and after reading this blog I am terrified she may have an obstruction. I’ve given her pumpkin and evaporated milk. She is eating and drinking like normal. We are very tight on money right now so I don’t know how we can afford a vet bill but she is everything to me so I’m sure we will find a way. Does anyone have any suggestions on what else I can do as a home remedy to help her ASAP? Emergency vet is not possible tonight bc we have the car at the shop! I’m scared for her!

  113. be very cautious when u see your cat eating plastic bags of any kind. my cats been very sick and throwing up for 3 days. i then took my cat to the vet and found out she had a blockage and the surgery would of cost 2-3 thousand dollars, which is way beyond my families budget. we were forced to put her down. I did my best to stop the cat from eating plastic bags, but it was too late. If u have suspicions that your cats eating plastic and if your cats been sick push up on the cats stomach if he/she shows discomfort. take the cat to the vet immediately. timing is everything in situations like this. I hope this comment will help someone with a similar problem.

  114. Amazing how many of our pets are afflicted with modern plastic problems. My cat, an adult male, likes to lick tape glue. Recently it is almost an obsession. I am constantly chasing him away from licking things I never thought about as having glue, and he has also started chewing on plastic, which he never did before. Do you think it is a vitamin deficiency or is there a real problem? He is also notorious for chewing through my phone charger cords, or any other electrical cords of that size, while they are plugged in.

  115. Sounds like he has a condition known as PICA. He does really need to see a vet there are some additives that can give you to supplement his diet – a holistic vet would be the most help as some regular vets don’t always recognize this as a problem.

  116. Thank you for your input. It is greatly appreciated. I will definitely look into holistic vets for his problem. He seems to be losing weight. I notice it in his face mostly, he really doesn’t feel much lighter, he is about 18-19-lbs

  117. My finicky cat loves to chew plastic. Not grocery bags. He prefers the heavy plastic a case of water comes in, and plastic bags of cookies, and clear plastic random items come in. He also likes to chew on metallic silver tape & wrappers. He will not eat grass, but does like treats. I try to keep plastic away but somehow he finds it. I need to do a better job of cat-proofing the house.

  118. Hello all.
    I come at a very hard time as my 6 year old maine coon is preparing for surgery this afternoon.
    The story:
    Age 2 Obie expressed symptoms of diarrhea for weeks which usually cleared withh antibotics. After a few onths he started pooing on my lounge and on my bed continually. The vets still said it was now just behavioral and that he had a bacterial infection and antibiotics helped and he would go solid again for weeks. Then he started to poo alot of blood in his stools so i rushed him to the vet and they performed an xray and ultrasound. They found a huge round mass in his stomache and told me they had to open him up. When they did they took out a hairball the size of an apple. He was fne for a couple years after this and i took care with food, hairball remover, brushing etc. Then he gradually started to get diarrhea more frequently which cleared with antibiotics again. Over the past 3.5 – 4 years he developed a fettish for plastic bags, grocery and garbage mainly. He was obsessive about it and seeked them out.I began to tuck them into the bins and put them in drawers away from him but he would always manage to find one even if you put the shopping down to go to the toilet and come back he would be eating it. Over the past 1 year he has consumed a fair bt off the garbage bag when hes tipped the bin over and got to them. June 2012 he began the vommiting again maybe twice a week and the diarrhea constant. After a month the blood started again but more blood than poo. I rushed him to the university vet hosptal they did ultrasound found nothing and just fobbed it again that he had IBD and colitis. He did have anout 12 months prior to that a colonoskpy which just found a little hair in the intestines lower i think. Ever since June last year he has had chronic diarrhea mucus not really any vomiting out the ordinary. He poos all over the rugs when it flares up badly (when it gets the blood and he goes back to the vet again) and i have had to replace the lounge twice mattress twice so many rugs i have lost count. Because i rent i have put plastc sheets under the floor rugs incase he pees on them as i need to protect the carpets. He ripped up the rug one day when he pooed on it and found the plastic and ate at least 20cm sq of it maybe more. It was blue and i have never seen it come out of back or front end as i have to assess his poo every day for the vet. This last one was probably now 2- 3 months ago. Prior to that in the last year he has prob got to about another 30cm sq of plastc ive never seen come out. He has been on Prednisone, Leukeran plus antibiotcs for the last 8 months and they had to take him off as his white blood cells dropped (from leukeran) dangerously low and he was hospitalised 3 days on a drip and bounced back so quick like a new cat. This morn he went downhill with diarrhea again and vomited and i just couldnt take it anymore as hes wrecked the lounge again and carpet. Took to the vet and they are going to0 open him up and look insde him plus do biopsys. They said they can ultrasound him but it may not be detected as you have all also stated as doesnt show up on uktrasound if its a plastic blockage. I am besde myself as prepared to have the love of my life put to sleep at age 7 as i just cant find answers and he really only deteriated back in June last year. He eats premium vet food and i never give canned and he has intol to meat so i cant give him that either. He has lost a fair bit weight but quickly gains it again when better. I would put him to sleep months ago if he was in pain and the vet insists he isnt, when it flares up in a bad way maybe every 6 weeks he may be bit off for a day or 2 then fine. This cat eats normally plays like a kitten and is so happy and interactive and not lethargic at all 98% the time so unless hes in great pain i have not wanted to end his life and just want to try and monitor. This morning was the last straw as i financially can not go on with anything to 1k a month vet bills and it is affecting my life on this constant emtionall rollercoaster. I am off work today waiting as i cant focus and im just crying constantly knowing there just is nothing else can do. Cat is happy and eatng and just has severe diarrhea and peeing because of it, breaks my heart. I just wanted to share this with you all, i can only hope they find something obstructed and can take it out. If anyone else has any ideas or can shed some light please do, he goes under within a couple hours :(


  119. Hello all.
    I come at a very hard time as my 6 year old maine coon is preparing for surgery this afternoon.
    The story:
    Age 2 Obie expressed symptoms of diarrhea for weeks which usually cleared withh antibotics. After a few onths he started pooing on my lounge and on my bed continually. The vets still said it was now just behavioral and that he had a bacterial infection and antibiotics helped and he would go solid again for weeks. Then he started to poo alot of blood in his stools so i rushed him to the vet and they performed an xray and ultrasound. They found a huge round mass in his stomache and told me they had to open him up. When they did they took out a hairball the size of an apple. He was fne for a couple years after this and i took care with food, hairball remover, brushing etc. Then he gradually started to get diarrhea more frequently which cleared with antibiotics again. Over the past 3.5 – 4 years he developed a fettish for plastic bags, grocery and garbage mainly. He was obsessive about it and seeked them out.I began to tuck them into the bins and put them in drawers away from him but he would always manage to find one even if you put the shopping down to go to the toilet and come back he would be eating it. Over the past 1 year he has consumed a fair bt off the garbage bag when hes tipped the bin over and got to them. June 2012 he began the vommiting again maybe twice a week and the diarrhea constant. After a month the blood started again but more blood than poo. I rushed him to the university vet hosptal they did ultrasound found nothing and just fobbed it again that he had IBD and colitis. He did have anout 12 months prior to that a colonoskpy which just found a little hair in the intestines lower i think. Ever since June last year he has had chronic diarrhea mucus not really any vomiting out the ordinary. He poos all over the rugs when it flares up badly (when it gets the blood and he goes back to the vet again) and i have had to replace the lounge twice mattress twice so many rugs i have lost count. Because i rent i have put plastc sheets under the floor rugs incase he pees on them as i need to protect the carpets. He ripped up the rug one day when he pooed on it and found the plastic and ate at least 20cm sq of it maybe more. It was blue and i have never seen it come out of back or front end as i have to assess his poo every day for the vet. This last one was probably now 2- 3 months ago. Prior to that in the last year he has prob got to about another 30cm sq of plastc ive never seen come out. He has been on Prednisone, Leukeran plus antibiotcs for the last 8 months and they had to take him off as his white blood cells dropped (from leukeran) dangerously low and he was hospitalised 3 days on a drip and bounced back so quick like a new cat. This morn he went downhill with diarrhea again and vomited and i just couldnt take it anymore as hes wrecked the lounge again and carpet. Took to the vet and they are going to0 open him up and look insde him plus do biopsys. They said they can ultrasound him but it may not be detected as you have all also stated as doesnt show up on uktrasound if its a plastic blockage. I am besde myself as prepared to have the love of my life put to sleep at age 7 as i just cant find answers and he really only deteriated back in June last year. He eats premium vet food and i never give canned and he has intol to meat so i cant give him that either. He has lost a fair bit weight but quickly gains it again when better. I would put him to sleep months ago if he was in pain and the vet insists he isnt, when it flares up in a bad way maybe every 6 weeks he may be bit off for a day or 2 then fine. This cat eats normally plays like a kitten and is so happy and interactive and not lethargic at all 98% the time so unless hes in great pain i have not wanted to end his life and just want to try and monitor. This morning was the last straw as i financially can not go on with anything to 1k a month vet bills and it is affecting my life on this constant emtionall rollercoaster. I am off work today waiting as i cant focus and im just crying constantly knowing there just is nothing else can do. Cat is happy and eatng and just has severe diarrhea and peeing because of it, breaks my heart. I just wanted to share this with you all, i can only hope they find something obstructed and can take it out. If anyone else has any ideas or can shed some light please do, he goes under within a couple hours :(


  120. My heart aches for both of you going through all of this. You for the financial stress and your kitty for the physical and emotional stress he suffers when he is at the vet. He sounds like he has Pica. There are two schools of thought surrounding this disorder- one school believes it is a nutritional deficit and one believes it is neurological. They fixate on one thing and they just inhale it almost like someone with OCD- I know of people who have put their cats on Prozac to stop the behavior and it seems to help.

    It is so sad, and I hope he made it through the surgery and I hope you can resolve this one way or the other

  121. Hi Mary,
    Thank you. He had made it through surgery they sound a mass of fur plastic and grass the size of a giant orange that was as hard as plaster. He is in recovery now. A lesson for everyone to groom longhaired cats and dont leave plastc around. I am researching the Pica more but beleive he does have this. He wnt on a drug for it and it made him go nuts so we took him off. Kepp you updated

  122. There are other drugs out there, plus if he will tolerate it, there is a pheremone collar you can buy (all holistic) to calm him down. I am not an advocate of doping cats. I have had to do it, but disliked the way the cats reacted to the prozac and tried the collar with pretty good results. I have one cat here who is addicted to plastic. He will even open the bread box and drag the bread out and eat through the plastic leaving the bread intact- sigh. I got rid of all the plastic bags in the house (plus now our county has banned plastic bags which makes it easier) When I wrote my article on this, I talked to several chemists to find out why cats are so attracted to the smell- you can find my article on in the Behavior section.

    Suggest that you buy him several planters of cat grass- increase his interactive play time gradually so he stays a bit tired out and good luck with him- sounds like he is much loved and quite a challenge!

  123. I’ve been a subscriber of this blog for the last few years and my heart aches for the many of you that have the ongoing cat eating plastic issue. I first found this blog a few years ago after dealing with my cat eating plastic grocery bags. A while after adopting her I noticed she was hardly eating her favorite soft food anymore, so a trip to the vet found that she had some major dental issues that were causing her pain while eating. She wasn’t able to enjoy eating because her mouth hurt and by this point she already had some teeth missing from years of neglect from the previous owner. Because of her age the vet suggested we just remove the remainder of her teeth and then once she heals up completely she’ll be much happier and able to eat even her crunchies again.

    So we had all of her teeth removed, and since then she is no longer able to eat plastic bags… She will still occasionally lick them and try to chew the handles, but she is not successful in actually being able to bite any of the bag apart and so she gives up and just licks the bag and then goes on her merry way.

    She has never been one to eat any other kind of plastic though or any other odd things, it’s always just been plastic grocery bags for her. She also never enjoyed grass or cat grass, the way my other cat does (though he is not a plastic eater).

    So I let her lick the bags under my supervision all the while making sure she actually does not bite any off, which because she doesn’t have teeth she’s unable to. She’s now 15 human years old according to her adoption papers and since removing her teeth, it’s almost like we’ve got a new kitty the way her mood has brightened up so much!

  124. I used to have a 12 yr.old Maine Coon male cat,named Popcorn, who was my favorite cat,and,buddy. He,and,I had to move to different apts.,and,houses where there were lots of roommates. He used to find,and,eat cellophane wrappers. I guess that’s another form of plastic that he craved. I would find him eating it sometimes. And,I’d pull it out of his mouth whenever I caught him doing it. And,I’d always tell my roommates to please pick up any cellophane off of the floor,so my cat wouldn’t eat it. I moved from Wash.state to Az.3 yrs.ago,to be closer to my retired sisters. And,before I moved here,I found another lady who was the same age as me to move in with. She called herself a hoarder. I wish she would’ve told me that before I was forced to move in with her,right after I’d flown down here that night! But,she was just plain lazy,fat,and disgusting! She’d throw her trash on the floor all around her recliner,and,her bed where she slept for 3 days at a time! She’d also pile up her dishes next to the chair,and bed,too! And,I used to beg her not to throw cellophane wrappers on the floor,along with her meds.,papers,popsicle sticks,etc.,etc. But,she kept doing it,and,I’d find him eating it,too! I tried desperately to find another place to move to. But,it took me a year before I found another place where I could take my cat to! And,one week before I was getting ready to move,my cat started gasping for air! And,it continued for 3 days before my roommate finally gave me back some of my deposit money that she’d already promised me she’d give back to me the night before my cat got sick! I was calling vets,and,emailing places on-line,to try to find somebody who’d help me pay for a vet to treat my cat. She laid in bed,and,ignored me while my cat was still gasping for air,and,I was sobbing, non-stop! She finally agreed to help me pay $25.00 out of my deposit money to help get somebody from “United Friends of Animals” to pay up to $400.00 for the vet exam,which turned into $700.00! That vet acted like it wasn’t enough money! And,before they treated my cat,the vet only talked about the bill, first! I’m not even sure that an x-ray was ever taken of his windpipe,or,anything else! Because when they told me I could take him home after leaving him in an oxygen tank overnight,he was still gasping for air! They told me to give him Prednisone twice a day,for asthma, which made him even sicker! And,his health kept declining over the next 3 months,until I took him to another vet,who told me he had cysts all over his liver! He hadn’t been eating for those 3 months. And,he lost 10 pounds in 3 days! I could see it in his paws,and,his head,which all seemed to be shrinking! His paws looked like pencils before he died! He had been alittle overweight,or,just big since he was a Maine Coon. And,he lost too much weight too fast, which causes fatty liver disease. And,I was force feeding him from a syringe,the whole 3 months,too! His appetite never improved. I still believe that all of what he’d gone through was because he’d eaten too much cellophane from that woman’s apt.floors! (He did actually vomit up a huge tubular piece of cellophane about 2 days before he got sick,too)! And,it had gotten stuck in his gutt,so that’s what caused him to gasp,choke,cough,vomit up blood,quit pooping,have seizures,etc.,until I finally had to put my baby to sleep! So,this time,I’ll get pet insurance for the Maine Coon I adopted a yr.ago,so that will never happen again! I still cry everytime I think back on what my poor baby went through,though! It was a very painful experience that I’ll never forget as long as I live! So,yes,these Maine Coon cats do definitely have a weird taste for plastic! My God! I can’t believe how many emails people have sent in about their cats eating plastic bags! Thank God this new cat I have, hasn’t done that, yet! He does like to eat bugs,though! So,I still have to watch him so he won’t eat a poisonous spider,scorpion,etc.,since we live in Az.! If it’s not one thing,it’s another,right?

  125. I just brought my cat home from surgery. He had a half a pound of plastic in his stomach. He had emergency surgery costing $1100. I have removed all plastic trash bags I had stored in the basement, using rubber maid tubs. Any other bags are behind closed doors. I had no idea it was this bad. His post op care is tough. 5 pills a day and pain control syringes for 10 days.

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