Kudos to CA DMV

Last Friday as I walked to my car after work, I noticed that the year sticker was missing from my license plate. :( It either fell off (unlikely) or it got stolen. I’ve heard of people stealing tags but geesh! I doubt that it occurred at work but I couldn’t exactly remember the last time I saw the tag intact. The most likely place would be in San Francisco when I parked on the street.

My dad had told me to use a knife or something to slit the tag in places so if someone were to try to remove the sticker, it would be in pieces. I am unsure if I did it for the tag but I’ll be sure to do it from now on.

Fortunately, my license registration was up for renewal and the DMV had already sent the renewal form asking for payment 2 months in advance. I am usually a procrastinator and wait to the last moment… and have had to rely on the one month grace period for expired tags… This time, I wasted no time. When I got home, I checked the DMV website to see if there were any Saturday openings. Some offices are open on Saturday but only once a month. Unfortunately, the DMV wasn’t open that Saturday.

So I did my registraton renewal online. I saw at one point something about “5 days”. I thought, “yeah right, maybe they’ll look at it in 5 days.” For the following days, I had to drive in fear that I would get pulled over by police for not having the tag.

One week later–5 business days –I got my new registration and tag. Maybe it was in my mailbox earlier but I don’t check my mail everyday.

Yay for the California DMV for quickly processing and sending out the registration stuff! Just in time for the 4 day weekend. :)

Update: When I put on the new sticker, I saw a corner of the previous sticker under my license plate frame. By “under”, I meant that the frame hovered over the sticker; it didn’t keep it in place. If the sticker had fallen off, there would have been no way that everything but the corner fell off. Someone had definitely intentionally taken my tag. :( What a world we live in.

On the bright side, it’s much better that they stole the tag instead of the car itself.

2 thoughts on “Kudos to CA DMV”

  1. Here’s a tip, after you put the new sticker on, take a razor blade and slice it up in little squares as small as you can get them. Make a bunch of slices horizontally, the vertically.

    It will still look whole, but no one will be able to peel it off and use it, they will move on to the next victim and leave yours alone.

    I used to work in Philly, common problem there. ;-)

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