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When Google Notebook first came out, I thought it would be very useful. I have a very bad memory so it would be a great way for me to take notes. The problem with traditional (digital) notetaking is that if I do it on one computer, I don’t have access to the notes on another computer. One method I would use is to save email drafts in webmail. But that’s quite cumbersome.

The version 4 of Google Desktop Search allows us to sync our notes in the sidebar across different computers, when signed in to the same Google Account. The problem there is that GDS isn’t available on Linux. :(

So I tried out Notebook in the beginning, but I didn’t see a way to make things more organized. There were different notebooks we could create, but I wanted to organize within a notebook. This week I found that we can put the notes into sections. I don’t remember this being available before, but maybe I’m blind. :D

Having renewed my interest in Notebook, I wanted to create a public one. I had some notes in my private notebook that I thought would be good candidates for my public notebook, but I didn’t see a way to transfer them over, and I didn’t want to copy and paste, even if there were only two. :P

While doing a search at Google Groups for Notebook I came across a post where someone said that it was possible to transfer notes across our notebooks. Looking at the GUI, I didn’t see how. But knowing that it is possible, on a whim, I dragged a section of notes over my public notebook’s link, which–gasp!–changed color. I released the drag and the section was no longer in my private notebook. Woohoo!

My public notebook is called TakeNote. :) I don’t have much content right now since I just started to really add notes this week. As you can see, I’m geeky, with my first section being on Ubuntu. I installed it a week ago. I have a lot to learn about it so it’s a good time for me to use Notebook to keep track of what I need to know. Now, someone else might benefit, too. :)

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  1. You have too much time on your hands =P

    I’m not sure if you’re more of a programmer or systems engineer or just a hard core all around techie or what…. but have you checked out horde? If you’re comfortable installing applications in Linux you might like to try this http://www.horde.org.

    You’ll have an integrated framework for email, notes, calendar, and address book, basically everything you can do in an Exchange/Outlook environment but it’s opensource and web based – uses PHP/MySQL. You could try it out on your Unbuntu setup for fun ;) This ‘could’ replace gmail and gnotes =P.

    You’ll need IMAP and sendmail configured for email support, though. Let me know if you want a demo account to see what it’s like.

  2. Hmm, I’m not sure if horde/notes has the notes organiziation you’re looking for.. but you can create multiple notebooks, and multiple categories within each notebook, so you can organize your notes by book and category.

  3. n/m – I don’t think horde has the sharing functionality of google notes, and the web page output from google notes is more practicle for your use.

  4. My webhost offers horde for webmail but I don’t like it as much as the gmail interface. I think Horde is much better than the other option, SquirrelMail.

    I’m using Gmail for hosted domains on one of my domains and I’m digging it. The only thing is it doesn’t support imap, which Horde does. That’s one of the main reasons I am keeping my primary domain mail with my webhost.

    You’re right about the sharing functionality, since I want other people to see some of my notes. :)

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