Laser-pointing Fun with Cats

One of the birthday gifts I got was a Targus wireless mouse with laser pointer. My friend who gave it to me actually wanted to get me a laser pointer for my cats. But since I’m a gadget geek, he didn’t get me just any laser pointer. He got a wireless mouse that includes a laser pointer meant for presentations.

My cats are quite smart; I didn’t think a red laser point would be of interest to them. But there must be something in the feline DNA to make any cat so entranced by the flying dot.

The first night I tried it, I projected it against a small section of wall that didn’t have stuff in front of it. Mr Darcy was the one who would jump up against the wall in the pursuit of the point. Mr Knightley would follow the point visually but wasn’t as active in chasing it.

I then tried pointing at the ceiling. Then things got interesting. Mr Darcy would leap up toward the ceiling! Not just once, but three times! It was hilarious and adorable.

Then my friend who gave the laser said he used to like pointing the laser at the feet of his former roommates’ cats. So I gave it a try. It added a new dimension to playing with the laser pointer. Not only is it funny pointing it at their feet, but also at their tail to see what would happen. I then discovered pointing at the floor added a lot more surface area for laser-pointing. The cats were more active chasing the point when it was on the floor as opposed to the wall. That’s a good thing since I have a lot more available floor space than wall space. I like to get them to run because it makes them get some exercise (they are a little overweight).

Then this morning, Mr Knightley was pawing at the beanbag chairs. I kept shouting “no”, hissing, clapping. It would make him pause but he wouldn’t stop. So I turned on the laser and it made him forget about the bean bag chair. This thing is better than the water squirter at making them stop bad behavior! :)

It’s funny how one of the reasons I was talked into getting a cat was so I can play with it with a laser pointer, but I ended up not getting one until a friend got it for me. One of the reasons I didn’t get one was I read about eye injury. So I am ultra careful about how and where I point the laser so that it doesn’t get into their eyes.

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