Home for my birthday, tooth extraction, tax preparation

It’s that time of year again: my birthday, dentist visit, and taxes. :P

I went home to LA for my birthday. It is well-timed for my semi-annual visit to the dentist. Even though I have lived in Northern California for years, I still go to the same dentist since childhood. I haven’t had to get another dentist since I go home at least twice a year, timed at least every 6 months, so I can go to the dentist. This dental visit included a wisdom tooth extraction. :( The tooth started coming out within the past couple of months. It was causing discomfort, including headaches, so it was a good time to remove it. I hate the part where the dentist sticks the novocaine needle; I’m such a baby. It wasn’t a difficult extraction due to the root being small. Upon extraction, we saw that the root had died, apparently from compression due to not having enough space or something. The dentist said it was uncommon. Leave it to my body to do the uncommon. :P

While I was laid up, recovering from the extraction, I did my taxes. I’m pretty much done now. I need to contribute to my IRA to cut my tax due in half. I usually get a refund, but I was an independent contractor for 3 months last year, and taxes weren’t deducted on my behalf. I was lucky I wasn’t going to incur a penalty for underpayment for the year, since my employment for the rest of the year deducted taxes.

A shoutout to you-know-who-you-are for reminding me post to my blog while I am recuperating. :)

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