More Pets than People in America

CNN: U.S. is a nation of 360 million — pets

Wow, there are 60 million more pets than people. I guess it’s due in part to people like me who have more pets than humans in the household. That number probably doesn’t include the number of pets waiting for homes. :(

My cats are going to celebrate their one-year birthday at the end of this month. Since I’ve gotten them pretty much anything I would get them, I am going to donate to their shelter, Pets In Need, in their name, to celebrate their birthday. My employer has a gift-matching program so that donation will be doubled. Yay!

Although I got two cats, Pets In Need only charged me for the price of one. I got them for a total of $100. The price included for each cat:

  • microchipping
  • neutering
  • shots already done
  • free vet visit
  • a bag of food
  • collar with bell
  • cardboard carrier with towel since I didn’t already have carriers
  • two toys

I think all those things are worth more than what I paid for them. Then there are the priceless rewards I get… my cats’ love and companionship.

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