Moblog entry for 2006-03-07

So I’m waiting at the dealer while they work on my car for its 15K maintenance. I happened to have my laptop with me so I took it with me.

Computers aren’t very useful these days without net access. This dealer doesn’t have wireless so I can only play. All work I do is online.

2 thoughts on “Moblog entry for 2006-03-07”

  1. I couldn’t sleep after our karaoke fun so I was surfing the web and decided to look up your photo archive software. You have a huge site! and you’re way more famous than me on the net! :)

    I looked at some of your photos, and the software seems really cool! (your cats are really cute too). I have to admit I read your bio page, but I promise i’m totally not a stalker ;)

    Thanks again for coming out tonight it was really fun! And sorry I stole your umbrella.

  2. And sorry I stole your umbrella.

    It’s okay. Just don’t let it happen again. :P

    But seriously, I had a great time, too. And there are worse ways to lose an umbrella. At least I’ll get this one back. :)

    (For others wondering what’s the big deal over an umbrella, it’s not the average cheap umbrella that you expect to lose; this is a Sharper Image Wind Defyer).

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