Working on Moblogging

I had insomnia… and I didn’t feel the need to go to sleep so I didn’t need to use the insomnia treatment I posted about previously. :P

While following documentation links for WordPress, I came across instructions to Blog by Email. So I set up my blog to process email entries into blog posts. It worked dandy. But really, if I can send an email, I can write a blog entry within my blog. This feature would be most useful when sending mobile blog (moblog) entries from my mobile phone. Then this would be really cool. I would then be able to take photos and send them to my blog.

This was the mod I found: Sprint Picture Blog. It worked in general, but I think Sprint’s inconsistency is causing issues. So I had to tweak the code for it to work with my phone. The thing is it works so well, that the exact message that gets sent to a regular email account gets posted to my blog. Unfortunately, the message includes my cell phone number and a bunch of ads. That is way too cluttered for a blog entry. So I’m hoping the author of the mod will help me extract just enough info from the email message to be able to show a photo and my comments.

This is going to be so neat… photo-moblogging is going to make me a more productive blogger while making use of my nifty camera phone. :D Wheeee!

Update: I came across this blog entry: Sprint PCS moblog to WordPress 1.2 Mingus, which helped me fix a couple of the issues with the other code.

One thought on “Working on Moblogging”

  1. i came your google map stuff while trying coppermine on my personal site. It is great, just what i have been attempting to do. So i am trying to get your map changes running on my site.

    last year i was trying to get cell phone pics thru sprintpcs to Sprint kept changing their interfaces, but here is a start that worked for some email picture uploads from cell phones.

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