Big O* for insomnia relief

Did you know that oxytocin is a sleep-inducing hormone? And did you know O* causes the brain to release oxytocin? Next time you have trouble sleeping, instead of taking sleep medication, get some lovin’. And if you don’t have a partner handy, use that handy partner. ;)

On the flip side, if your partner passes out after a bout of passion, don’t take it personally, it’s actually a compliment! ;)

That human biology degree sure comes in handy every once in a while.

Any brave soul willing to admit whether this works or not? :?:

*2006-02-20: I edited out the word that starts with Ohhh and ends in Mmmm because it seems my blog has been knocked out of the search engine indices. Maybe it’s just a coincidence but the number of pages that were indexed had been going up, and after this post, a few to no results show up. I don’t want my blog to be filtered out as naughty stuff. :oops:

Update 2: :eek: Only a few hours after removing the naughty word from this post, my blog pages are back in the index. It could be pure coincidence that the blog got dropped after this post was initially created, and reinstated after this post was edited, but I’m not taking chances. :-?

3 thoughts on “Big O* for insomnia relief”

  1. hi thu. you know, what works for my bf? running around the block a few times… that helps get the adrenaline or whatever chemical that is keeping you from sleeping out of your system. he got that from biochemist who has a phd… and he said it really works! =)

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