My first comment spam

My reborn blog has been up for about a week and I already got comment spam. Word travels fast. :P

But I won’t get mad; I get glad… to report the sites of the spammers to Google’s spam report form.

Silly spammers: Your comments won’t see the light of day since I use comment moderation. Also, WordPress uses nofollow attribute on comment links. :roll:

Update: I did some research on how to fight comment spam. Learned that CAPTCHAs are big no-nos due to inaccessibility issues. Then found out about akismet, which is already included as a plugin with my WP installation. All I had to do was activate the plugin, then enter the API key I got from registering for an account at Let’s hope this helps.

3 thoughts on “My first comment spam”

  1. Hi Thu,

    I had to post when I read you’ve received your first comment spam. I remember my first one, made me feel like my blog finally mattered enough to attack. Cool!!!

    Anyway, as for captchas, accessibility is an issue as with any other element. It needs baring in mind when implementing such methods but is an effective solution to spamming. I believe the method you’re using is the Meyer method. I’m not a fan of nofollow as it devalues valuable websites in the effort to prevent spam submissions which it doesn’t do. The best form is adding a barrier to submission that is easy to answer [no ambiguity], case insensitive and preferably one character long .

    Works for me :)

  2. I’m not sure what you mean by Meyer method. :?: I searched for it and found references to Eric Meyer, of CSS fame. I don’t think I’m using that method, and I’m not using his WP plugin.

    Akismet seems to work well so far. Spam comments have been caught and prevented from appearing. The few legit human comment posters aren’t affected in any way when submitting a post. The only thing is a delay before the comment is posted since I use a setting to moderate comments by new previously-unapproved posters.

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