I am for Iams cat food

When I adopted my cats from Pets In Need, the adoption fee included their shots, neutering, collar, microchip, and a bag of (not Iams) cat food for each of them.

The catfood had a coupon inside so I bought another bag. At Pet Club, they sold the catfood in a plastic pitcher that included a couple of cans of food and coupons. So I just kept buying from this brand.

One day I read from Kittens for Dummies that the author wouldn’t buy anything with less than a certain amount of taurine. I checked the ingredients on my cats’ food and the level was 2/3 the recommended amount. So I switched to Iams when it was time to buy more food, although I no longer have coupons. :(

It’s been worth it. My cats’ fur is silkily soft. I can’t get enough of petting them. Also, their poop doesn’t stink as much as before. A bad stink used to be part of my morning awakening. :P

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