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I admit I hadn’t planned to watch the Winter Olympics… my Tivo queue is out of control and I didn’t need to add more to it. But when a coworker mentioned that pairs figure skating was going to be on at night, I figured I’d tune in. When I did, it was the latter part of the Russian pair’s routine. So I was there to watch the entire performance from Zhang and Zhang. Boy, was that a dramatic one.

When she fell, my jaw drop and I felt so heartbroken for them. I could see bruising or bleeding on her leg. But amazingly, they decided to go on with the performance. I was concerned for her… how could she even do regular skating after that fall, let alone a bunch of twists and leaps?

She soundly shut down those doubts when she nailed her performance. She did seem to struggle with one thing but it was minor. I was so moved by the whole thing it brought tears to my eyes.

I guess the reason I hadn’t planned to watch the Olympics is that I’ve become kind of jaded… I used to love watching it, and even stayed up late at night to watch. The persistence of the Chinese pair brought back the spirit of the Olympics. They had a once-in-four-years opportunity and they went for it despite a huge setback.

After that, I decided to set my Tivo to record the Figure Skating competitions. I also scheduled to record the snowboarding events because I was so impressed by the US womens team performance on the half-pipe.

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