Keep black cats safe around Halloween

My KittiesDue to silly superstitions about black cats being bad luck or witches in disguise or friends of witches, Halloween is a dangerous time for black cats. Although Mr Knightley is a tuxedo-patterned cat with patches of white, I’ve wondered whether his blackness would ever be a threat to his safety.

Unfortunately today, two days before Halloween, my concern was realized. It wasn’t even nighttime yet… it was the afternoon. I was in the living room when I heard kids outside my bedroom window shouting, “black cat!”. They pounded the window. I was too scared to go into the bedroom, so I lured my cats out of the bedroom by shaking their can of treats. Fortunately, Mr Knightley and Mr Darcy were not too distracted by the kids to run out to the living room.

I usually like to open the blinds partially so that my cats can go on the window sill to look outside. Immediately after the incident, I secured the windows to prevent my cats from going on the window sills. Although I’ve put the blinds all the way down before, my cats would still manage to jump on the sill. This time, I blocked access to the small window by putting a heavy container so that they can’t push aside the blinds. The larger window, I blocked off with a flattened large cardbox. There have been many times when I have told myself to toss the box. Good thing I have a bad memory since the box now served a great purpose.

This is an urgent reminder to keep black cats you care for, safe from people who wish to do them harm. This is such a serious issue that some shelters won’t allow adoption of black cats days or weeks before or after Halloween.

I can attest that a black cat is not bad luck. Mr Knightley has been a wonderful, joyful addition in my life and I wouldn’t want to see it without him. It’s really sad that black cats are discriminated against just because of their fur color. :(

One thought on “Keep black cats safe around Halloween”

  1. I am glad your kitties are safe now!! People are so stupid. I have a fabulous mouthy black cat I would trade for all the tea in China!! Black cats rule! I love tuxedo cats too! Maybe once my older two cats go to cat heaven, I may get a tuxedo cat!

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