New makeup => new modeling gig?

The past weekend, a friend introduced me to Bare Escentuals makeup. I admit, I was skeptical. It did not cover like my liquid powder foundation. It made my skin look dry. But I decided to give it a try since I wore makeup everyday and didn’t want the “made up” look.

Well, my skin was dry so I moisturized morning and night. This improved it a bit. I was still self-conscious about the makeup because it did not cover like regular makeup.

Not long after I started using Bare Escentuals, someone at work approached me out of the blue and introduced himself, saying he was a photographer. I thought it was because he found out I was into photography so I asked him how he knew. He said he didn’t. It turned out that he was a photographer who was looking for someone to photograph to add to his portfolio. If I hadn’t done modeling before, I would have been in disbelief that someone would ask me about doing it. Since I had done it before, I wasn’t shocked nor thought he was pulling my leg. So I accepted.

The original plan was to do the shoot a few weeks after that. I even asked my former “assistant” who helped at the other shoot to help out with this one and he agreed. But since the weather was cold and it is going to be an outdoor shoot, we’ve postponed the shoot til springtime so it’s warmer and I will look more comfortable. The last shoot took place in spring, too.

Here are some of the photos from Modeling Shoot 2004.