Interracial love scenes

From MSNBC, there’s this unconfirmed rumor that Denzel Washington…

“reportedly .. asked that love scenes between him and Mimi Rogers get cut from the 1989 flick “The Mighty Quinn” after the scenes drew howls of protests from black women during screenings.”

“Denzel Washington is concerned about the way audiences react to him in an interracial romance,” says a source, who adds that the actor wants to avoid upsetting his female African American fans.

What a concept. What if Asian Americans protested the stereotyped pairings of Asian (American) women with white men? :)

Interracial dating itself isn’t evil, but sometimes it is portrayed in such a way as to be degrading to Asian women and men. That is, the Asian woman would be portrayed as subservient to the white man, whom the Asian woman would prefer over the Asian man.

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