My Modeling Session

Instead of being the photographer, I switched roles and became the one who was photographed in a photo shoot, along with another friend. :) We went all out… we changed outfits, had props, went to a remote location, and had a photographer’s (and models’ :)) assistant. The scene was an abandoned fort located in the mountains north of Golden Gate Bridge. The decrepid building gave us lots of different angles, and the door and window frames let our imaginations run free.

It really helped to be a photographer myself because I understood what it takes, and how much time it takes just to capture shots, which don’t always turn out great. That’s why I like taking pictures of flowers and buildings… they’re in no hurry to go anywhere. :lol:

Hmm… so in one weekend I’ve discovered that I can be an actress and/or a model. 8)

One thought on “My Modeling Session”

  1. yay! Actress/models usually cross over into both realms. hmmm. :wink: It was a fun weekend, huh! btw, does 2paq always connect to the internet? Like I know you get GPS signaling but can u always pick up internet anywhere? Or do you have to be paying for subscription somewhere where there’s wireless available? From ~curious non-technical me.

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