First Aid Acting

I took a First Aid training class. We broke up into groups of three to practice different crisis scenarios. One person in each group would take turns being the victim while the other two would be the rescuers.

The first scenario was simple… no blood involved. The later ones included theatrical blood and broken bones and glass through skin. It was very interesting. Some of my roles included having a broken arm (with the bone fragments sticking out), being a delirious diabetic, recovering from a concussive fall, being unconscious, etc.

It was really fun. Although I have a bad memory and couldn’t remember the protocol I was supposed to follow as a rescuer, I liked to get creative and adlib the drama of being a victim.

At the end of class, my partners said I should consider a career in acting. I had never thought of acting before. Then I said, “Maybe it’s because I’m a sarcastic person, I’m used to keeping a straight face.” :lol:

When you think about it, sarcasm is about saying what is contrary to reality. So although I wasn’t really injured, I was able to pretend to be a convincing injured victim.

Maybe I should audition for Law & Order. I could be one of the corpses! Then I could progress to hospital patient…

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