Petty Palo Altans

Bye Bye barriers – Residents protest removal of traffic barriers, take home pieces as souvenirs 

This story highlights how obnoxious and pathetic some Palo Alto residents are. First of all, some of these people want to barricade streets with barriers. It is so annoying how these people think they own everything. The streets belong to all of us… we pay taxes for access! Those residents claim they require traffic calming measures to protect their kids and cats. If they care so much about their kids and kitties, they should keep a closer eye on them, instead of inconveniencing other people. Shoot, I was following my GPS software that took me through one of those barricade streets and wasted a lot of time trying to get myself out of those newly made dead-end streets.

Anyway, after the trial period, the city decided to remove the barriers. The residents, to show their disapproval, “held a candlelight vigil.” How pathetic is that! There are far more important issues in this world than the petty problems of Palo Alto people.

I liked how at the end of this article, one of the residents who lived in another neighborhood said, “Their cats and kids are at risk so that justifies them to put your cats and kids at risk — it doesn’t add up,” and he called them selfish. It’s rational people like him that makes me say some Palo Alto residents, instead of generalizing.

I can’t wait to get out of this nutty city.

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