no more class dependency

When I first joined the gym, the only times I went to the gym was when I had a group class to attend. I didn’t have the discipline to go to the gym on my own. Having a class schedule forced me to commit to a workout schedule.

After awhile, I started to drop some classes, and since I couldn’t just not go to the gym on those days I didn’t have classes, I went to the gym without needing a class on those days. Now, I have gone two weeks without taking a class, not even a hip hop one! It was just too difficult making my schedule fit the class schedule, so now I no longer force the class schedule upon myself.

This is a good thing for me, since it shows that I now have the discipline to get my lazy butt to the gym although I don’t have a class with a specific time to make me be there on time. However, it does make it harder for me to stick to my target workout time… I will put off going for about an hour or so from the time I intended to go. I do eventually go, because I like how exercising makes me feel afterward.

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