Like a kindergartener…

Now that I’ve learned some of the very basics of PHP, I went back to this forum’s PHP files that I tried to edit before. Previously, I was almost illiterate when I tried to edit, and only was able to find what I was looking for by doing a search for particular text strings.

This time around, it was really cool because I was able to understand the language a little bit more. It felt like I was a little kid who just learned the key to reading. Although I don’t have that vast of a vocabulary (for PHP) right now, I get the gist of the grammar, so things make a lot more sense now. :)

I see so much potential in what I can do… even stuff that I could apply to work. I’ve already created a useful upload page (not for work, though). So, I created a subdomain where I would share the useful PHP applications I could make. I have yet to publish my PHP creations, though.

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