PHP is Phat!

My first exposure to web design using PHP was with my forums. The creation of my forums was easy because my web host has a function that automatically installed the forum for me. However, since then, I have wanted to customize the look and function of the forum, and the only way I was able to accomplish what I wanted was to edit the PHP files themselves. Although I didn’t know how to code in PHP, I was able to figure things out by pattern recognition, since I’m familiar with reading other types of code.

Since then, I realized the beautiful potential of PHP. I’m thinking and hoping that it could solve my dilemma with the posting of my photos. It’s time-consuming to create individual pages for my different photo pages. I do use templates from previous pages to make things easier. However, when I want to change the look of my pages, I have to go into each page to update them. It’s very daunting and discouraging, and it was what kept me from updating my pages for a long time.

Using server-side includes helped a lot to reduce redundant work, but it wasn’t enough. I felt that there must be some solution, but I hadn’t encountered it yet, so I waited, and I think I’ve found it in PHP. I’ll see if that is the case as I learn more about it. I think it’s important to update my photo pages since they were the reasons I bought my domain and web host in the first place! However, it has been worth it just to have my email accounts with my own domain and learning to code other pages besides my photography pages. :)

My co-worker lent me his book on beginning PHP, PHP for the World Wide Web, by Larry Ullman. I really like it so far. It’s easy to understand, and it’s so neat to follow the instructions and scripts on my computer and see the code work! I have encountered a glitch, but the author’s website had a helpful forum that informed me that my server’s newer version of PHP was causing the incompatibility because the book was written before the new PHP version came out. The forum showed me the workaround, which resolved the glitch and all was well again. :clap:

2 thoughts on “PHP is Phat!”

  1. Thanks for the kudos, eL. :)

    I just made a huge breakthrough last night that will bring me closer to creating my own photo gallery that doesn’t require me to create a page for each collection. Before this, I had to create individual pages for each collection of photos. That was a big pain if I needed to do updates, or a complete remodeling of my page design.

    Now that I can use databases, I can create one page of code, and with filtering, that code could be used to create numerous collections on the fly! Whoopee!

    I know I’m a nerd… but I’m using it as a means to a cool, artistic end. :D I’ll let you know when I’m done with my PHP-based photography pages. They might just look like my static pages, but the creation is different so I can more easily change layouts. That was the reason I stopped posting my photos… I didn’t want to make the pages and then realize that I wanted to create a new layout, which meant I had to manually tweak all the affected pages. I had to do that more than once, plus each time I changed hosts, I had to tweak the code to work with the host’s servers. No fun. :shakehead:

  2. Yay! Go you! That’s so cool that you’re still learning stuff to improve your skills esp when you’re outta school. This will definitely make you more marketable and also keep your brain from rotting. hehe. Seriously, I feel that I’ve gotten much dumber over the last few years cuz I haven’t been learning stuff or “exercising” my brain. My friend currently subscribes to some list sends her a new vocab word a day! Maybe I should do that. hehehe.

    Anyway Yay to you for trying to figure out all the coding and what you can do! And I would love to see your new PHP creations or the new photo sharing web pages you create! :clap:

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