Feedback on my photography sites

I originally bought my domain and hosting service to share my photography. However, after switching to my fourth host, I was tired of tweaking my code to make it work with the new host’s system. I also had feedback that the page format I used to display my photos wasn’t too great. I played around with coding to find new, more effective ways to present my photos, but was unable to do so. Thus, my site was neglected for a while.

Recently, I have new incentive to update my website, and have completed the code tweaks for the pages that I have already created. However, I am not going to add new pages until I can decide on a viable format.

For my portfolio-quality photography:

:help: I would appreciate feedback on how the format works or doesn’t work for you on your computer system.

Thanks! :)

One thought on “Feedback on my photography sites”

  1. Wow, your photos are SOOOO amazing. I wish I knew a little more on how to operate my digicam. You know I considered getting the S45 too, but i wanted really compact and it was sooo pricey (esp for a poor grad like me). :(

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