GPS to crack down bike thieves

This is a story on how Holland is using GPS-equipped bikes to bait thieves.

Stanford should try this. The biggest crime on campus is bike theft. After a volleyball class, one of my classmate’s bike was stolen, in the course of an hour! in the morning! :shock:

One thought on “GPS to crack down bike thieves”

  1. BTW, I know a BIKE THIEF on the Stanford Campus. His full name is ANDY HSU or ANDY SHUI. We’ll just call him Bike Thief for now. He stole my friends bike and biked around campus on it with no shame. He was a model in Hong Kong or something and he’s a Biology major and still around at Stanford. He used to date Virginia Yang (class 2002). He is class of 2003…and he’s a premed!!! When my friend found his bike and waited for the thief to come by, my friend confronted him. Bike Thief denied any wrongdoing, instead placing blame on my friend for leaving his bike unlocked. Isn’t that absolutely absurd??? It’s so upsetting and unsettling because he’s going to be a doctor too. BTW, he cheated on Virginia Yang (go figure).

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