Exercise enhancers

Before my session with my personal trainer today, I bought some more essential exercise accessories.

The most important items were the gloves to protect my palms while I worked with weights. It is especially important to have them when I work with my trainer because he really pushes me, and I have had to hold back my efforts because my palms were in pain. Well, my other muscles were in pain, too, but at least the palm pain is preventable.

The second goody is the audio bag that I can use to carry my iPAQ to listen to music while I work out.

Since I had just bought 10 additional training sessions, we didn’t have to focus my fourth session on my shoulders. My trainer said that we’d give my shoulders a break and work on the lower parts of my body. We started out by doing leg lunges while I carried a weight. I pointed out that it might not be a good time for me to do leg exercises since I had an important appointment the next day. I didn’t want to show up walking like a cowboy.

So, my trainer obliged, and we worked on other muscle groups, like my abs. We did some shoulder exercises, too, but they weren’t as intense as they used to be, since the intention was to give my shoulders a break.

After my personal training session, I did some exercising on my own. I tried out my audio bag to carry my iPAQ. It was so cool. Yay! I can workout to my own music. :clap:

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