Perimenstrual workout woes

Disclaimer: The bluntness of this post might offend those with delicate sensibilities…you have been warned. ;) I don’t intend to be offensive, but I figure I would be a boring blogger if I stuck to safe, uncontroversial topics. There would be no point in my writing if I’m too shy to discuss the things that other people are too shy to discuss. :D

It’s difficult being a woman who works out due to the disruptive visits from “Aunt Flow.” First of all, one week before my period even starts, I experience tenderness in my chest. Since not all women experience the same, if any, PMS symptoms, not all can relate. However, there are some who can relate to that feeling when we have to be careful while walking on the stairs and we must avoid “bouncing.” ouch.

That bouncing-induced tenderness makes it really painful to jog. Interestingly, after the first few minutes, the pain goes away. Maybe the endorphins really do kick in and work.

At these times, it’s really easy to lose motivation to go to the gym. What keeps me going is knowing that exercise will alleviate or prevent the debilitating cramps of my period. That’s one of my favorite perks of exercise. :D

Then, the week of the period is obviously an uncomfortable time to work out. Good thing for tampons! :rotfl:

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