Drunkard’s Dream dual days

Friday night, my friends and I went to our friends’ home for a night of drinking and poker. Since there were 8 of us, there weren’t enough cards for regular poker, so we played Texas Hold’em. For those who don’t know, here’s a link, since it’s too much for me to explain: http://www.cbloom.com/poker/beginners.html. It was my first time playing and it took a while to get the hang of it. Evenutally, I was able to win a couple of jackpots. :)

Instead of chips, we played with peanuts (in shells). Everyone started with 10 peanuts, and needless to say, people went through them quickly with the bold betting, since we were just playing for peanuts–literally. In order to obtain more peanuts, we had to down alcohol. Of course, the imbibing wasn’t limited to the times when we needed more peanuts. I had to be cautious, though, because I didn’t want to mess up my sleep or get a hangover the next day.

I had to go to sleep early (12:30 am) because I was supposed to leave at 8:45am for Sonoma the next morning. Fortunately, my friends let me stay overnight at their home so I could drink without having to drive home drunk. Okay, I was just barely buzzed. :)

On Saturday, I went to Sonoma with a group of 30+. Since my car is set up to use my iPAQ GPS navigation system, it was one of 9 cars that went up. It was a special event weekend where people could buy a $5 commemorative wine glass and get to taste wine from 70+ wineries without having to pay anything extra. Since I was driving, and not really into wine, I didn’t get the glass and only sampled one white wine from a friend’s glass.

Sonoma isn’t as scenic as Napa, nor are its wineries as photogenic. It was gorgeous weather, though, and made it really desirable to be outside and bask outside in the warmth of the sun and breathing in the fresh air.

The original plan was to have dinner in Sonoma, but we were so exhausted, that some of us left early, and that was also a good thing to leave while there was still light.

We had dinner in SF at a great sushi restaurant, Morpho Sushi. It was awesome because it was all-you-can-eat sushi for $24, and it tasted delicious.

Although there were opportunities to drink a lot, I didn’t take advantage of it since I either couldn’t or didn’t want to. However, I could see how it would be an ideal weekend for someone who loved to drink. :lol:

One thought on “Drunkard’s Dream dual days”

  1. Just say no to drunken debauchery!! :wink:

    ….I hope you had tons of fun – you have to tell me more tomorrow at work (as we both try to get work done but end up gabbing most of the time!!). :D

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