removing the training wheels…

After a shoulder surgery that impaired mobility, physical therapy was like training wheels to help me get back to my original condition. It helped me regain strength and range-of-motion that I had lost, even before the surgery because I had to prevent the shoulder from dislocating.

The thing with training wheels is that sometimes it’s hard to get weaned off of them. When my physical therapist told me about it weeks ago, I was so afraid. Also, I had trouble complying with doing the home exercises. At that time, I didn’t see myself getting well enough to be on my own.

When I saw my PT yesterday, he said he was very pleased with my progress since I’ve joined the gym and was really happy that I had a personal trainer who knew what he was doing. He advocates professional training instead of mimicking what other people do in the gym, because they’re often wrong. He said it was painful for him to go to the gym and watch people do things incorrectly. We both have to fight the urge to correct people. :lol: (I’m not being condescending; I just genuinely want to help people.) Since I’m improving so much by going to the gym, I don’t require as many physical therapy sessions, and might only need one more to tie up loose ends, or muscles. :D

With that validation, I bought another training package for 10 more personal trainer sessions. Since we’ve only been working on my shoulder during the past three sessions, I think I’d be able to work on the rest of my body with some more sessions. Since I will be investing so much money and time just going to the gym, I might as well maximize my returns by investing in improving and perfecting processes. :)

Yay! I will be able to play volleyball by spring or summertime. :thumbsup:

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