PMS Retardation

For years, every once in a while, I would feel as if I was suffering early-onset senility. I was extremely forgetful and absent-minded, had trouble concentrating, and just felt like a ditz. :oops:

For example, a few days ago, I bought lunch to bring to work. I had already entered my work building when I realized I had forgotten my lunch in my car. So I returned to the car, and since I felt cold, I grabbed my jacket. I walked to the building again and realized that I forgot to grab the lunch when I went to the car. When I returned to my car again, I forgot why I was there until I looked around. [color=gray]Oh, there’s my lunch.[/color] Finally, I was in my office, with my lunch, which I had to heat up. So, I went to the kitchen to use the microwave, and I put my lunch in the refrigerator.

No, no, I wasn’t so retarded that I tried to heat up my lunch in the refrigerator. :rotfl: It’s just that by the time I got to the kitchen, I forgot the specific reason why I went there, so on automatic pilot, I put my food away in the refrigerator. doh!

Recently, with the help of my PDA to help me keep track of time, I’ve discovered the pattern: my retardedness occurred reliably with my PMS week. I know at least one other woman who has this happen to her.

Before this, I was so ashamed and wondered [color=gray]why do I feel so stupid?[/color] every once in a while. It is a relief to know that it’s PMS’s fault. It is similar to when I get really :evil: or :cry: around PMS time. I tell myself to consider that I’m not truly feeling those emotions, but it’s my body acting in turmoil and clouding my thoughts and feelings.

:?: Does anyone else experience this?

One thought on “PMS Retardation”


    Here’s a study on how iron deficiency can reduce cognitive performance. This really makes my experience of “PMS retardation” make sense. Since we lose blood during menstruation, we also lose iron. This iron loss results in my reduced mental accuity. Not all women experience this because not all women have the same conditions. I am probably more likely to have a lower iron level since I don’t eat much red meat, plus I lose a lot of blood. That’s a killer combo.

    It’s nice when things make sense when I can see the connections. That’s what I love about understanding human physiology.

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