shoulder update

I saw my sports medicine surgeon today. He said my shoulder is as good as it gets and I can resume normal activities. My limitations would be motions such as the one used for serving overhand in volleyball. That’s fine, for now. I know I have a lot of strengthening to do before I can serve like that again.

It makes me so glad that I joined the gym, so I can progress more quickly, and further, in my shoulder rehabilitation, instead of just stagnating at “okay” or “good enough.” :)

My doctor said that I was one of the most difficult cases. I am so glad that he was able to fix my shoulder, which is such a complex joint. I thought I could be okay without having the surgery… that I would just have to be more careful. But, I’m such a klutz, it didn’t work out. :lol: Now, it’s great to see the potential things that I can do… again, and try new ones. :D

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