Gas gouging

Yikes! I thought we won the war for Iraqi Oil, er, Independence. :P What’s with the crazy prices? It’s not even summertime.

Let’s help each other out by posting good deals.

The Chevron station that I know of with reasonable prices has been the one at Lawrence Expressway and Duane, in Sunnyvale. I went there today: $2.09 for regular. eek! I don’t know, maybe there are cheaper ones. I was already there, so I didn’t drive around to compare prices since the gas I use to drive around ends up costing me anyway.

5 thoughts on “Gas gouging”

  1. GEEZ! I had to get gas the other day too, and it was $2.10 for Shell (which is still supposedly really good). That’s at De Anza off 85….I’ll update you if I see any good prices!

    We really should have a “gas guzzler” tax for those ppl with gas-inefficient cars. It’s something that has been suggested, but of course has been shot down by Republicans b/c of all their oil ties. It really would force companies to do more research to improve the mileage on their cars and inadvertently (unfortunate, b/c they really should care) help in the effort to combat pollution and global warming. :mrgreen:

  2. man, I’m onthe lookout all the time for your blog! But I hope it’s not just me and you looking at this. :x Middlefield and San Antonio – Valero and Arco are $2.07. :dancecool: :dancecool:

  3. From what I read, a boycott of one company isn’t going to make a difference. People will just get gas elsewhere. It might even increase prices at other gas stations as demand for gas from them increases.

    Today, I filled my tank. $52 for 16 gallons. $3.21/gallon at Chevron. Makes $2 seem not so bad. :P

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