Yay! Stanford #1 in Mens Basketball

Go Card!

(article has been removed)

aww… this brings me back to the days when I was a freshman… in the midst of studying for finals, and cheering on Stanford as it played in the March Madness Tournament. :) I don’t remember if Stanford was #1 back then, but they were doing well. I think they lost before getting to the finals, though. :cry:

Darn, it looks like none of the tournament games are near me, or at least in California.


However, the Pac10 conference championship is in Staples Center in LA.

I checked out the ticket prices at Staples. The all-sessions package (3-day ticket) is $135. :( The individual games are only being sold as part of the all-sessions package. There are 7 games, so that’s like $20 a game. I guess it would make sense that they make people buy all sessions, since we wouldn’t know ahead of time who will play when. argh.

Does anyone have hook-ups to help me and fellow Stanford fans see any of these games?

We will be so grateful!

5 thoughts on “Yay! Stanford #1 in Mens Basketball”

  1. I was working out at the gym, when I saw a bunch of guys sitting on the steps looking up at the TV screens in the cardio room. Since today was Stanford’s game against Alabama, and we were in Stanford country, I guessed that the guys were watching the game. So, I went to the cardio room to check things out, and indeed, the game was on.

    There was less than a minute left in the second half, and Stanford was trailing! They always do this! I don’t remember the details, but here’s the link to the story, if you want the play by play.

    Basically, a last second 3-pointer could have saved them… again… but alas, it didn’t happen. I was so disappointed, but not surprised. :( It had happened so many times… so close and yet so far. The first time I experienced that disappointment was when they were in the NCAA Tournament during my freshman year. We took time off from studying to watch the game, but they lost. It was hard to study in sad spirits.

    After today’s loss, I was so upset that I couldn’t exercise anymore, and went to the locker room to get ready to leave. However, if there were a punching bag, I would have loved to use it. It’s just so frustrating. I was so distracted that I forgot to change shoes and wore my gym shoes out, which I have never done.

    I still love Stanford, though it hurts to see it lose, especially when it was the no. 1 seed. I’m proud that it got this far, and have done so well. It’s just aggravating to hear detractors put Stanford down, and saying things like “overrated.” I think they’re just jealous… that an academically strong instution could have such a strong athletic program. How many of those other athletic teams could beat Stanford’s athletes in the classroom, too?
    :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

  2. haha… I had already had a day to get over the loss!

    Besides, I can’t hurt a Stanford alum… unless the alum acts in a non-Stanford-alum-like way… whatever that is. You know one of my least favorite people; she could be a punching bag. She would have brought shame to the Stanford name if she were an alum. However, she’s not worth getting in trouble for. On the other hand, she’s not worth [i]rescuing [/i]if someone [i]else [/i]used her as a punching bag. That sounds mean, but I can’t risk getting myself hurt to save a deceptive backstabber. It takes a lot for me to dislike someone and she is a doozy of a meanie. Gosh, there are so many emoticons I can apply to show how I see her and how she makes me feel.

    :bs::rocket: whenever she bullshits…


    :cry::whip: she’s such a tyrant

    :asshole: ’nuff said

  3. This article is a profile on Stanford men’s basketball coach, Mike Montgomery. Kudos to him! :clap: :thumbsup:

    [quote="Stanford Alumni magazine"]Embracing rather than lamenting Stanford’s unflinching admission policies, men’s basketball coach Mike Montgomery has built what nobody thought was possible: a powerhouse program. Not bad for a guy who expected to be a high school P.E. teacher.[/quote]

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