First Baby Shower

Today I got an invitation to my first baby shower. :) Included in the envelope was a card that showed where my friends were registered. I went online to locate the closest store, and saw some of the online gift selection. There are soooo many cute things! This is adorable:He Knows Your Name Elmo.

However, I must control my enthusiasm, and go to the store and buy something my friends have registered for so they get what they want or need. This is one of the reasons why I want to have nieces or nephews… just to get cute kid gifts for them. hint, hint, to my siblings. j/k. :lol: I’m the oldest, so it’ll be a while before I see any nieces or nephews.

I also feel the same way about gifts for boyfriends: [color=gray]Aw, that’s such a cool gift that I’d get for my boyfriend–if I had one.[/color]

Since I have no man or kids, I’m resigned to shower gifts upon… myself. :D It’s such a difficult thing to do, but I’ll do it for as long as I need to. :wink:

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  1. I went to the store to get a gift from my friends’ baby gift registry. Whoever invented gift registries was a [i]genius[/i]. I recently purchased a couple of other friends’ wedding gift from their registry. It’s a great feeling to know that I’m shopping for something that is wanted or needed.

    As I looked around for the gift that I wanted to purchase, the feeling I had was like the one I have when I shop for cool gadgets for myself, except it was better because it was a gift for people I cared about.

    A while ago, a friend of mine told me [b]the gift [/b]to give to new parents. That was the one I had in mind to get, but I wanted to conform to the registry. It worked out well because that gift was in the registry. Yay!

    Oh, there were so many cool baby stuff to check out. It took me back to the days when I first got my car, which is my baby, and I was buying all these maintenace supplies and accessories for her.

    I was having so much fun checking out all these baby supplies, envying the people who got to buy them… but then I heard a child screaming and crying… :? hmmm, maybe I’m not [i]that [/i]envious.

  2. On Saturday, I had three events related to births. First, there was a baby shower for my friends at noon. Then I rushed over to Capitola near Santa Cruz for a friend’s beach birthday party. Then I fought traffic to go home to get ready for the birthday dinner of the father-to-be. It was quite a day, with very tight scheduling.

    The baby shower was a nice gathering where I reconnected with friends I haven’t seen for awhile. The organizer made some great-tasting food. She had done a great job with marinating the chicken drumsticks, so that the meat was flavored… you know how the meat could often be plain-tasting when people don’t marinate properly. There were also some games. I was only able to stick around for one of them. It was a very interesting, but also very gross game, but just psychologically gross. It was a game called “dirty diaper” where we had to guess the food products that were made to look like poop in actual diapers. We had to visually examine and smell the diapers. Although we knew it was food, it was still gross because it looked so much like poop in diapers.

    I didn’t realize that the baby shower would last long, and I had committed to going to my friend’s birthday party so I had to leave from the shower early. Unfortunately, that meant that I missed out on the gift-opening. :?

    It was a hot day in San Jose, so I was looking forward to going to the beach and getting some color. I had actually gone out and bought my first bikini set the day before, since my exercising had paid off in a toner body. :clap: Unfortunately, it was cold and cloudy at the beach, so I was wearing a sweater the whole time. :(. There goes my bikini purchase.

    We played beach volleyball. It was difficult to keep the net up because the sand was so wet where we had to set up the net. I served the ball with my right arm for the first time in a long time. I could still tell that it was still weak, so I have a lot of work to do to strengthen it.

    I had to take some extra time to return home because I anticipated heavy traffic. Fortunately, the birthday boy’s fiancee told me that the party would start half an hour later than the evite said, so that bought me some extra time.

    I got to the restaurant a few minutes late, but it wasn’t too bad. However, the problem was parking, because it was in a downtown area, so I had to drive around to find parking. On the way to the restaurant, I ended up walking in the opposite direction because I thought it was on another street, although I had correctly located it and drove passed it. That wasted some more time. I hate downtown Palo Alto, and downtown areas in general, where there are no parking lots next to the businesses. ugh.

    It was a fun dinner, with tasty food. It was quite unlike last year’s wild celebration. My, things have changed in a year. We were too tired to go partying afterward, but then again, we had a long day starting with the baby shower. I had also woken up early because I had trouble sleeping in anticipation of my action-packed day.

    It was all worth it though, because I always like birthdays because I like to celebrate my friends’ being born. I’m so excited about my friends’ baby’s arrival, too, and hope that I’ll be able to go to the hospital when she is born. :thumbsup:

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