lost my sweet tooth

Now that I’ve become an exercise junkie, I am no longer a junk food junkie. It’s not like I made a conscious effort to cut down calories to lose weight.

Some claim that exercise increases appetite and others cite the opposite. I think both is/could be true, at least for me. Overall, my appetite has increased a lot. When a food item says “serves 2,” I read: “serves Thu.” However, I just no longer crave sweets. I’ll eat junk food if I’m starving and there’s nothing else to eat. But when given a choice, my body will just say no. If more time has passed since I last worked out, I’m more likely to be able to eat sweets.

I first experienced it this week while I shopped at Trader Joe’s after working out at 24 Hour Fitness (they’re next to each other 8)). Out of habit, my brain thought to get chips. At that thought, my tummy said no, and it won. A few days later at TJ’s, they were giving out free samples of yummy cookies, and though my visual system wanted them, my visceral system rejected them.

Now, at work, I no longer consume the chocolates in the candy bowl.

Oh well, I guess I’d rather have this than the opposite problem… where the body craves junk food and the brain must fight very hard to stop the body for its sake.

I do admit that I’m addicted to banana chips, but they don’t seem to be junk food. Also, after eating enough, my jaw gets too tired to eat anymore, so it’s a good way to control the amount of intake. :)