Immortal Evanescence

I’ve been a fan of Evanescence since I first heard them through last year. When I found out that I could see them in concert at a reasonable price, I couldn’t wait to see them. Although I was reserved about how good they would be live, I was so excited to see them later that day–a work day–I just couldn’t sit still. :D

The concert was general admission, so we got there as early as we could to get a good spot in line. By the time we got into the venue, we saw that we could be in the area right in front of the stage. Although we had to stand for over three hours, it was worth it to be so close to Amy Lee. We were maybe 20 feet away, close enough to see her blue eyes. :!:

She was an amazing singer and performer. Her vocal skills blew away my expectations. One moment, she could be head-banging, and a few minutes later she would be performing a beautiful ballad on the keyboard. Props to her for being the only female out of three punk rock bands that night. She holds up her own.

After the concert, I got one of Evanescence’s CDs and have been listening to it in my car. I love putting “My Immortal” in repeat mode and singing along to it. Before I could sing along to it, I had to look up the lyrics.

My friend and I puzzled over the meaning of the last lines:

i’ve tried so hard to tell myself that you’re gone


and though you’re still with me

i’ve been alone all along

It’s kind of confusing because the song could be about someone who died, or a lost love. I finally decided that it was about a failed or failing relationship. I know how it feels to feel lonely even though I’m right next to that person, because he’s emotionally not there. :( My interpretation of those lines, then, is that even though he is still physically with her, his emotional absence makes her feel “alone.”

I’d be interested to hear what others have to say about their interpretations.

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