my personal torturer… uh, trainer

When I signed up for 24 Hour Fitness, I had two plans to choose from if I wanted to be able to go to all the sports-level clubs. Plan A: $150 enrollment fee/$45 monthly dues. Plan B: $750 enrollment/$7 monthly. (Prices are approximate because I have a bad memory for some things, so don’t quote me). Since both plans end up costing the same after a little over a year, and I plan to stick to a gym membership indefinitely, the best buy for me was Plan B, which included 4 sessions with a personal trainer. Since it was included in the package, I thought it worked out well. I needed someone who would teach me how to use the equipment properly as I transitioned from doing my shoulder rehabilitation with my physical therapist, to doing it on my own.

I’ve just completed my second session with my personal trainer. Not only is he teaching me to use the equipment properly and showing me new exercises… he’s totally torturing me! Just when I thought I could barely do 15 reps in one set, he makes me do 3 more sets of 15! :shock:

However, I know he’s doing it for my own good, and I wouldn’t push myself–and thus wouldn’t reap as many benefits–if I tried to do this by myself. So, I think he’s doing an awesome job. But oh, the agony! :cry:

The sessions go by quickly, and right now the priority is to strengthen my right shoulder after my dislocation surgery. So, I’m thinking of getting more sessions once my four are over and we haven’t gone through working on the rest of my body. I figure, I already invested so much money in the membership, I might as well maximize the results with a professional. It’s like getting an iPAQ and shelling out even more money to get accessories, which truly add to the functionality and value of the iPAQ. I’m also the type of person who benefits most from professional instruction, like in dance or snowboarding.

If you’re interested in a personal trainer and you have a specific need, you should ask for someone who specializes in it. I had asked for someone who specialized in shoulder rehabilitation and they assigned me to him, and I think he’s great!

:idea: I think I should share the reason why I joined the gym in case it could help someone else. My doctor asked me if I exercised, and I said no, because I didn’t really need to lose weight. I did have a little flab, but it wasn’t worth paying hundreds of dollars to address it. He said that if I don’t exercise, my bones would get weaker, and I would be at greater risk for osteoporosis. That was the magic word that got me off my lazy butt. Of course, not everyone has to pay for a gym to get exercise, but again, I’m lazy and I need motivation, so a gym membership that bites into my wallet will force me to go. :D I used to detest exercise, but now I actually like going to the gym… so many toys. :wink:

Since I have already spent hundreds of dollars on the gym membership, I have created new goals besides just strengthening my bones. As I have described, I’m working on rehabilitating and strengthening my injured shoulder, and working on the other one to prevent it from getting injured, too. I strive to improve my cardiovascular system, tone and strengthen my other muscles, and challenge my flexibility. This should all help me improve my volleyball-playing performance. Yipee! :D

3 thoughts on “my personal torturer… uh, trainer”

  1. I heeded my friends’ and personal trainer’s advice and eased up on my exercise regimen. It [i]really [/i]made a difference! I saw the most dramatic improvement in my ab crunches, which I do on the “AbBench.” What I would do is put my feet and legs in different positions so I would work different abdominal muscles for each of the 5 positions that I do. Before, I really struggled to do between 10-15 reps in each set. After a two-day break, I was able to improve to 25!

    I used to do crunches everyday because I thought that if I slacked off, I would get out of shape and it would be harder the next time I tried them. I guess my body really [i]does [/i]need a break to repair itself.

  2. hehehe you’re too funny. “Serves 2 (Thu)…” Jaw gets tired from eating?? :lol:

    You don’t eat those candies anymore?? Man you were so impressive before – - two large instant cup o noodles, 20 reeses peanut butter cups…ah shoot now they’re going to be consumed mainly by me!

    I think though that exercise makes you crave less junk food or food in general – it’s a good cycle! I eat a lot less now that I’m active and getting out and exercising. It’s strange how that works! Before when I had to sit for many hours or study a lot, I’d eat a lot too. Probably to procrastinate, but I was also more aware of when I was hungry and craved eating more…

  3. When you play volleyball (in the spring!!!) you gotta invite me along and I’ll come this time! Yay for your “PT!” And ugh abdominal crunches – - very impressive. You know, if you ever went to belly dance class with me, you’d get a HUGE abdominal workout! :wink:

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